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Many people don’t use their phones enough to warrant an entire postpaid contract, which is where TelPug steps in to give users access to safe, affordable, and fast international top up services. Postpaid plans might seem practical on the surface, but a closer look might reveal that you are wasting money instead of putting it to good use.

In this case, the pricier option might not yield the best quality results. There are plenty of things that you can do with prepaid SIMs versus postpaid SIMs, as described below.

Five Reasons Why Pay-As-You-Go Is Better Than Postpaid Plans

Pay Only What You Need

Unlike postpaid plans that require you to pay a fixed or changing bill at the end of the month, pay-as-you-go services like TelPug only ask you to pay for what you need. If you don’t frequently send texts, make calls, or use data for the internet, then you might find yourself on the short end of the stick if you still use a postpaid plan.

Save Money

Aside from the practical part of pay-as-you-go services, prepaid plans also let you save far more money than if you had a postpaid plan. If you’re smart about your mobile credit use, then you might find yourself saving more money by simply working (or spending) smarter. Pay-as-you-go ensures that you’ll get your money’s worth and that your spending directly correlates with your use of mobile credits. If you’re money conscious, prepaid might be the option for you.

Practice Money Management

If cost efficiency is a big factor for you, then it’s a no-brainer—prepaid SIMs are the only option. It’s both practical and financially efficient, but it can also help you practice your money management skills. Prepaid SIMs essentially force you to work within a budget instead of relying on a monthly bill to tell you how much you owe.

Be Free of a Binding Contract

Money aside, another huge reason why users opt for pay-as-you-go is that they aren’t willing to sign up for a binding contract with a telco. It’s no secret that postpaid plans often require you to sign strict contracts that will require plenty of private information. You might have to prepare several documents, even credit checks, to apply for a postpaid plan. And once that’s complete, you’d have to be willing to commit to a postpaid contract that typically lasts one year. If you’re unwilling to commit to a contract or prepare the documents needed to get one, then postpaid might not be the best choice.

Control Screen Time

The ability to control screen time makes pay-as-you-go services great for parents. By controlling how much is reloaded to mobile phones, parents can limit how much their kids—specifically children and teenagers—spend in front of a phone. Mobile credits can give them enough access to study resources or watch a show or two, but if you’re concerned about your child’s nonstop texting or social media addiction, then TelPug provides an unexpected solution for parents.

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