The Samsung SF510 Review


The Samsung SF510 Review

The SF510 laptop comes with an excellent Keyboard and sleek and elegant body. The machine suffers from its underwhelming processor and graphics that are unsuited for modern -day gaming. Its video performance is also not great especially when playing high -end movies. The laptop also appears to be overpriced considering its general performance on many parameters.

The machine packs a rather below -per intel corei3 370M CPU with a lightweight 3MB L3 cache distributed between two cores. But its speed of 2.4 GHz is quite commendable. It comes with an installed memory of 4GB of RAM that can be beefed to a maximum capacity of 8GB. The SF510 gains from its processor’s ability to support hyperthreading. The machine gunnered a score of 73 on the WorldBench 6 Test, a tellingly quality score considering its underwhelming processor. The SF510 also comes ensuite integrated HD graphics from intel that are rather out of breath with modern day computer gaming. But the machine’s ability to tackle video playback is suprisingly excellent.

The 15.6 incher comes with a glossy display with LED backlight that finds the task of playing High -Definition videos too hot to handle, and the situation hardly improves even when you scale down to standard -definition videos. It is adviseable to stick to normal desktop use. The laptop’s viewing angles are not good, just like its audio playback that lacks punch. Samsung’s attempt to stuff the SF510 with SRS Premium Sound does not curtail the problem as it leads to a brurred soundstage. The in -built speakers ,in turn, make an already bad situation look worse as the audio is without bass and the vocals won’t calm your nerves either. You are advised to stick to headphones.

The SF510 comes with two USB ports and a video interface HDMI placed under a plastic cover whose longevity should be questioned considering the normal laptop usage -it will do well if it breaks the three week barrier-. The other add -ons like audio, VGA connector and ethernet are totally exposed. The machine comes with embedded facilities like the optical drive, a single USB 2 port and a usefull SD card slot that appreciates the newest SDXC media, SDHC, MMC cards and SD -so you can be at ease when dealing with high -capacity SD Cards-.

The SF510 is also a pioneer of in -built WiMax capability that guarantees you rocket -speed wireless broadband. The use of WiFax is a tribute to Samsung’s innovation and future -thinking as the facility is still a mirage to many of its competitors. Also noteworthy is that the dual N6250 networking chipset from intel supports 802. 11n wireless, which is quite acceptable, notwithstanding the fact that it supports one networking mode at a time.

The machine uses a single hard drive 500GB from Hitachi that spins at 5400 rpm, and armed with 8GB of cache. Your shipment will also come with a single DVD rewritable drive. The keyboard comes with a separate numeric pad and a great feedback mechanism. The price of just under $1000 is on the higher side.

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