5 Android Apps that Could Change your Life!


5 Android Apps that Could Change your Life!

It’s been barely over a couple of years since software behemoth Google Inc. launched Android as a mobile operating system for public use. Since then, this nifty little OS has gone from strength to strength, and has been lapped up by both critics and consumers.

One of the biggest draws of this OS is the sheer size of the Android Market for apps. However, if you don’t choose your apps intelligently, this can prove to be your undoing too!

This article will deal with 5 Android apps that might just change your life for the better.

1. Angry Birds

In the race for getting more and more out of your life, haven’t you wished that you could stop it all, sit back and lose track of time? If you have, this wildly popular puzzle game is tailormade for you! You probably won’t find a simpler game on the Android Market, but you won’t find a better one either. Angry Birds now has three special editions: Rio, Seasons and Magic. Once you get hooked to one of them, you just won’t be able to resist the rest.

2. Documents to Go

Time for some good, old-fashioned productivity? Documents to Go, by DataViz Inc. represents an excellent option for you to read Excel worksheets, presentations, documents and PDF files (the premium version allows you to edit them too). It also supports Google Docs, for productivity on the cloud. The closest alternative for Documents to Go would be QuickOffice, but the latter has a tendency to struggle with large files.

3. Palringo

The era of phones being just functional devices that ‘connected people’ through calls and texting is long past. Instant messaging capabilities are almost passe now, with Android-based phones being at the forefront of the smartphone movement. Palringo is a mobile instant messenger which allows group and voice chats in almost every conceivable IM service, and what more, it’s free! All you need to do is create a Palringo account, and your friends from Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, iChat and Windows Live will never be too far away.

4. Evernote

The preloaded organizer and reminder apps in Android can seem a tad underwhelming to you if you frequently need to make to-do lists and notes on the go. Evernote is an app by the company of the same name, that offers you with a more refined alternative to give a boost to your productivity. It allows you to create notes, take photos, record voice reminders and organize your day in more ways than you’d have thought before using it. Moreover, if you have multiple Android devices, you can sync all your notes across them through Evernote’s online service.

5. Aldiko Book Reader

A number of companies have started selling e-book readers that are just that, they simply can let you read formats like EPUB, MOBI, etc. Your Android device is as capable as any dedicated reader; all you need is an app that does the job for you. Aldiko Book Reader is an incredibly streamlined and well-made app, and is a must-have for every bibliophile worth his/her salt!

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