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According to Cisco, there will be 829 million smartphone users in India by 2022. It becomes necessary to improve the mobile phone experience when you have such a wide audience. In an attempt to improve the quality of mobile experience there are devices, apps and services promptly developed which will cater to the needs of this vast audience. We surf the internet to seek information in the form of news, latest trends, movies, etc. To do this we use a web browser that gives us access to different web pages.

A web browser is nothing but an application that allows us to retrieve, present and transfer information. Waiting for a web page to load is a passé because now we have different web browsers which load at a faster pace and gives you the information in the blink of an eye. Web browsers with their efficient features let you consume information available on the internet. For every query you search, you can get information in the form of links to various web pages, videos, images, infographics, articles, etc.

Recently launched ‘JioBrowser’ by Reliance Jio is one such web browser app that is designed keeping Indian users in mind. It supports eight regional languages which makes it apt for Indian users. Along with this distinctive feature it promises to keep the users entertained with a daily dose of engaging content. Following are some of the other features of JioBrowser that makes it one of the proficient web browser.

  • Quick access to top websites – If you click on the logo you can access the top websites. You can browse through these websites to seek information about the latest trends and news. To watch the latest trending videos, click on the ‘video cam’ icon on the home screen
  • Quick share – You can instantly share the links of your favorite articles or videos with anyone using social media platforms
  • Offline pages – You can save your favorite articles to read it later. This makes it possible to read your articles at your leisure time and it will also reduce the data consumption
  • Incognito mode – For more secured and personal browsing experience, you can use the incognito mode. Use JioBrowser for private browsing which means it will not store your visited web pages in your browsing history. Along with the incognito mode, it also has the multiple tab feature which lets you surf various web pages simultaneously.
  • Lightweight browser – It is a lightweight browser with only 3.6MB in size which uses minimum resources when used on any device along with uncompromising functionality and faster experience like any web browser
  • Regional language support – Everyone can easily interpret the information in their preferred language as it also supports regional language
  • Favorite tabs – JioBrowser has a tab for your favorite websites. According to your liking, you can add or remove your preferred websites and access them effortlessly
  • Live cricket score updates – If you are unable to watch the live cricket match you can keep yourself updated with live cricket scores using JioBrowser
  • Voice search – Press the microphone icon from the large search bar on the home screen to enable voice search

For a seamless experience be a Jio subscriber and enjoy the features of the JioBrowser with true 4G speed. JioBrowser has the right features along with an engaging interface. You can download JioBrowser in your Android smartphones via play store.

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