6 Big Questions You Need to Answer in Business Marketing


You need to formulate the most effective business marketing strategy if you want your business to grow. Even small businesses need a business marketing strategy to keep on going and to survive amidst a market dominated by larger companies. But more than anything, only the most effective business marketing strategy would make customers happy. This is because you will be providing something that answers their wants and needs. To do that you need to answer several questions first. 6 Big Questions You Need to Answer in Business Marketing

The “Who”

One of the main things done in business marketing is identifying the target market. Who are the ideal customers or clients of your product? This would allow you to research on this group of people. Doing so would guide you how you can best reach and get their attention on the product. This would, in turn, make you efficient in marketing your product and increase your sales level.

The “What”

If you have identified your target market already, you have to ask yourself what it is really that they need and want. If you have a product to sell, what can it do to your target customers? What problems or needs does it solve? And in order to sell more than your competitors, you really have to know what differentiates your product from the other products in the market. This would then be your basis on what to say in communicating to your target market. Nevertheless, you should not forget to check what is in trend in the market as well.

The “Where”

The geographical location of the customers is also an important aspect to look at. Aside from that you should also know where you can reach your customers. This would guide you where you can place ads in order to communicate effectively with your target market. You can place ads on print and on television. You can also do it online through a blog, free article sites or in your own website.

The “When”

You cannot just place ads once or only when you remember to. You have to repeat it so your target customers would remember your product come shopping time. You should know when you should provide new supplies so your product would always be available to customers when they need it. Otherwise, you could lose customers to competitors.

The “Why”

Do you know why customers should pick your product instead of your competitors’? More than anyone you should know the reason. You can use this in your business marketing strategy to gain more sales.

The “How”

How should your ads go? Even in marketing, you should be a good communicator so customers would get to know your product and choose it over others. But you should also know how you are going to make them available. Are you going to make available solely on the Internet or are you going to open a store locally?

The answer to these questions should always be in mind when running the business. Again, you should always market your product in everything you do for the business. And you should never stop marketing the product whether you sales are high or not.

George Peterson works for one of the leading media agencies (in Danish mediebureau) in Denmark – MEC. He suggests using the services of qualified professionals in order to ensure the success of any marketing strategy.

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