Computer Games vs. Card and Board Games


Gaming is one of the biggest industries on the planet in the year 2013. Thanks to advances in technology which have taken leaps and bounds in the last few decades, we can play games on many different platforms: PCs, consoles, smartphones, tablets, PlayStation Vita, and many others. Although, the original definition of a computer game is as follows:

“any of various games, recorded on cassette or disc for use in a home computer, that are played by manipulating a mouse, joystick, or the keys on the keyboard of a computer in response to the graphics on the screen” (

computer games

For every person who enjoys having these games at their fingertips though, there will always be someone who misses the old fashioned forms of gaming. Board games and card games still have a market despite what people might assume as their pull and influence amongst people, especially the old souls, cannot be disregarded entirely. And with them making a comeback, it makes us wonder what might be better about card and board games when compared to computer games.

Play Anywhere

You might think that this point is relevant to computer games too, and in some cases we would have to agree with you. Computer games can generally be played anywhere, especially now that they are freely available on smartphones. However, what if the Wi-Fi connection was turned off or your device runs out of battery? You would not be able to continue accessing sites like Mini Clip where you usually play tons of different games depending on your interests. Card and board games in this situation can be conveniently taken out of your bag at any point in time and played, without the need for technology to help you out.

They Are Less Addictive

Games which are played on a board or with a deck of cards are far less addictive than their computerized equivalents. Are games played away from the computer easier to leave? That may be the case. “Marathon gaming sessions that last through the night. That intense desire to finish a challenge and get your character to the next level. Thumb cramps that last for days on end. For many video game enthusiasts, these are fairly common experiences. For others, they are symptoms of obsession bordering on addiction.” (John Platt) It depends entirely on what type of game tickles your fancy. If you are a massive fan of gin then having access to a deck of cards and a group of people willing to play will make you want to play as often as you can. Someone who is not a fan of gin will not find it difficult to leave the game well alone and find another source of entertainment. Someone who does not enjoy playing Warhammer will have little interest in the games available, but they might be a fan of playing Solitaire on the computer. It is all about personal preference.

You Can Hold Them

Sometimes you can’t beat the golden oldies because you can actually hold them in your hands. Playing snap is nowhere near as fun on a computer nor is Trumps quite as satisfying. Online Beer Pong for example, does not give you the satisfaction of seeing your opponents’ face when you crush their dreams. Would you prefer to hold a business phone or talk to your colleague’s disembodied voice? You might have a 3D game on your computer but board games and decks of cards are already 3D in the real world.

Sure computer games may be lighter with more variety to choose from but will they take over for good? I don’t think so.

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