5 Latest Trends You need to Know about Animation


The animation movie industry has been experiencing some changes and the industry is a fine wine getting better with time. In light of recent development and successes in the industry, one cannot but attempt to see the things that have formed the main elements of the industry’s progress. Therefore, we present the top animation trends.

Smart Works with animation creators

Now, people are working smart and not just hard. The use of animation creators is becoming rampant. They make work easier and make idea generations and development much easier. One of the common tools is the SVG creator, which provides users with animated SVG icons that users can add to style, blend, and refurbish their creations. This is a smart move, as it helps creative persons to have more choice of patterns and ideas that they can try.


The morphing of seamless transition or change of faces is becoming more rampant in animation and has found applications in real movies, too. Morphing is set to be a more frequently used technique in the industry since it is easy and entirely cuts costs of manual modifications.

VR and AR

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality would be in the fore of animation strategies. Animation cum motion graphics are opened up to VR and AR settings, showing the great extent and possibilities that imaginative ideas could go on the right and befitting platforms. They enable the flexibility of animation, wholesome perspective views for viewers to enjoy and be wowed. VR and AR keep getting better without and would be around for a while because their flexibility does not compromise coding nor slow down apps.

AR and VR are pushing on-screen views to the back of the pews. AR and VR headsets and immersive smart spaces are here, becoming more apparent. The hardware innovations await the perfect applications that would explore the full potential or AR. The animation industry is set to pull out amazing narratives that would birth the best immersive interface.

New Distribution Platforms are taking over

The world has come to find a new admiration for video outlets such as cable TV and online channels. Hence, video distributions, generally, has taken over a new route to meet the audience to watch them at their convenience. Animation has also leveraged this distribution and many producers have their movies sent out to cable TV networks and online movie outlets. Netflix is doing a great job in its own publicity and has drawn all forms of motion pictures genre to itself. More animation movies have been using these new distribution platforms to reach out to their audience. This trend is happening all over. The effect of AR and VR even has seen these animation producers distribute their works on platforms that accommodate the wonder AR/VR feelings.

Lowered Cost of Production

The smart options for animation production and ideation are reducing the cost of production. The great names that have been known for being prominent with their ability to purchase technological tools and large teams of animation creators now have the same pedestal with new arrivals, because animation is now made by tools that are readily at anyone’s disposal.

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