Top 5 Online Software to Convert Video Files


Nowadays you don’t need to download and install software just to convert videos between different formats. Instead you can use some of the online software that are available – which can be much more convenient.

Considering there are many different options to choose from, it helps to know the top online software to convert video files.

  1. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is a free and simple yet capable web-based converter. It supports most of the more popular video formats, and can even extract the audio from videos by using it to convert MOV to MP3 online.

The settings will let you decide on the resolution and audio bitrate of the video, and it will even let you choose to only convert a specific part of the video – to trim out the rest. Its only limitation is that it is restricted to files that are 100MB or less.

  1. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is impressive mainly due to the range of over 200 formats that it supports, spread across video, audio, document, eBook, archive, image, and spreadsheet files. It also integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box – so you can add videos directly from the cloud.

Its free version is limited to ’25 conversion minutes’ per day however, and although it provides a generous upload limit of 1GB there have been reports of errors even when uploading smaller files.

  1. 123apps Video Converter

123apps Video Converter supports most popular formats, but what sets it apart are the presets for various devices that are included. It does allow video uploads of up to 2GB, but its upload and conversion speed is not the best.

The website itself does contain several ads, but generally they aren’t very intrusive and should not interfere with the conversion.

  1. ClipChamp Video Converter

ClipChamp is known for providing several free online tools, one of which being its video converter. It supports most popular video formats, and allows for batch processing which will make converting multiple files much easier.

The major drawback of using ClipChamp is that all videos converted with its free version will be watermarked. In order to remove the watermark a monthly subscription is required.

  1. Online-Convert

Online-Convert is one of the more capable online video converters available. It supports numerous formats, and has an impressive range of optional settings that to adjust the video parameters and flip, rotate, cut, or crop the video.

Compared to other converters however it is not the most user-friendly, and making the most of its features can be challenging.


Each of the top online video converters listed above is unique in its own way – which is why it stands out from most of the other options that are available.

On your part you should try to figure out what you need in an online video converter. Based on that you can then choose one of the options listed that has the right capabilities, and also will not trip you up with its limitations.

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