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It is a buyer’s market in United States real estate right now, and anyone hoping to sell their home needs to make it as easy and enjoyable for buyers as possible. Sticking a sign in the lawn with flyers is a start, but it relies too much on foot traffic and may not appear as enchanting if there are other homes on the same street for sale. The best way to find potential buyers and entice them into buying a home is to use online marketing, which nets a broad audience and is much easier for buyers to use than traipsing to house after house only to be a waste their time.

Why You Should Advertise Online

By advertising a home online, and not just in print publications or with flyers, a seller can reach a much larger audience. And online marketing does not mean only reaching people through their computer anymore – the spread of tablet computers and smart phones has changed the way the people use the internet, even with real estate. Busy house hunters can find and evaluate listings during their commute or at lunch and thus find homes they would have otherwise missed. Links to photos or videos of the house can be sent to potential buyers instantly, and may be the push they need to go and tour a home.

Make Your Listing Enticing

Simply listing a house for sale on the internet is not enough though – not if the seller wants to sell quickly and at a high price. Online listings need to be professional and well designed to showcase the home’s strengths and conveniences. Professional photos of the home after it has been staged for a sale are one of the best ways to garner interest in a home – photos are the new curb appeal. These pictures need to show the house to its best advantage, including the yard and the neighborhood. Many people are now also putting virtual tours on their listings that allow the viewer to “walk” through the home and see every angle before they ever set foot inside.

Where You Should Advertise

Another trick to help sell a home quickly is where it is advertised online. There are a number of free sites where homeowners can list their properties, but these sites are often lacking in professionalism or a user-friendly interface. Professional realtors often have individual listing pages where all the properties can be shown; these sites may be more competitive but they also come with the aid and experience of a realtor to help the seller avoid taking a loss or making a rookie selling mistake. There are sites centered around higher-end or luxury properties to consider as well, and these often have an international audience of buyers.

The Benefits for Buyers and Sellers

One of the best things about marketing a home online is the ability for home buyers to comparison shop in the comfort of their own home and at their own convenience – not that of a realtor or seller. For sellers, this means they can look at the other listings and make theirs stand out. This can be accomplished through the quality of the pictures, the presence of a virtual tour, statistics about the neighborhood and schools as well as emphasizing any additions to the home or additional luxuries. However it is approached, there is no doubt that online marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell a home quickly in today’s market.

Alex is a freelance writer working with Dana Cohen real estate. Dana Cohen is a Piedmont Realtor also serving the areas of Oakland, Berkeley, Montclair and nearby communities of California.

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