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Top Web Tools and Websites Improving Your Internet Experience


Internet sphere is expanding with a very fast pace because of the inclusion of new websites and WebPages daily. With the advent of social networking, people are becoming less aware of the interesting and informative websites that are present on the web. Moreover, an increase in the trend of blogging has also limited the internet traffic to certain spots that are totally convolute and limited in its user’s base. Web giants like Google and Facebook have sort of blanketed the internet as user’s trend is more inclined to the social networking realm.

However, there are some websites present on the World Wide Web that totally have changed the web experience and can make your time worthwhile. All the below given websites either are totally open or you just need to register by filling out a simple form and you can enjoy using these web tools without having the need of spending even a cent. Following is a quick review of all of these websites and tools so that you can get the fun out of them:

Bilingual Search Tool For Twitter

Twitter is increasingly becoming a micro-blogging social networking platform and its user base is increasing day by day. This particular tool is for the Twitter nerds; all those who are interested in the latest trends on Twitter they will probably get results in a single language only on this micro-blogging website. The results on Twitter are normally either a mashup of every lingo or a single one. So, if you want to see your Twitter results and posts in two dissimilar languages then 2lingual is the answer.

So what is 2lingual? It is an open web based service that allows you to carry out bilingual search on Twitter by selecting two of your languages. For example, you want to search all different tweets that are related to the word “conscious” in two languages, say Spanish and Latin, all you need is open and select the word. After word selection, you will have to select the languages of your choice (Here they are Latin and Spanish) from a dedicated drop down Menu. The amazing thing is that results for both the lingos will be shown separately in each pane, so it means two different languages and Tweets search. You can access this amazing tool by visiting 2lingual.

Wi-Fi Checking Tool: HasWifi

If you are an avid traveler mostly on the go, then you must be aware of the fact that long flights can be really boring and sometimes really unproductive sort because the passengers are unable to do any kind of task for a very long time. To keep people busy, in-flight Wi-Fi has popped up and these days it is the most demanding thing by passengers on any kind of airline. But unfortunately, not all flights offer this amazing service, so if you are eager to know which flights are offering this Wi-Fi service you have to check this amazing website HasWifi. This web service allows users to check out the various flights that offer in-flight Wi-Fi on them. In order to check if a particular flight has a Wi-Fi capability in it, you have to choose the carrier and then enter the flight number. There is no need of having an account on the site but if you want to search with particular service Tripit, you ought to have an account on this site to use this amazing web application.  Moreover, service tracks all the Go-Go enabled carriers in the United States region. This web service can be accessed visiting HasWifi.

Music Lover Service: Theta Music Trainer

For all the music lovers, Theta Music Trainer is a very interesting service. It is basically for people who want to learn about music. This web service teaches music playing aptitude in loads of available games. It is tagged by users as “Ear training process” that allows users to improvise, play, and compose variety of music. There are loads of games available that will help you train on minor nodes as well as major nodes, plus using these games you can also identify various kinds of chords and you can also find best chords that will match these melodies.

Users can also find their favorite categories of games like Melody, Sound, Rhythm, and Harmony. Each of the online games teaches you to train in a specific kind of a music skill. A free account gives you access to all the games with the beginners level. Moreover, if any user wants to take a startup course then he has to pay a nominal subscription fee i.e. $7.95 per month. You can view this amazing web service by following this link. [Theta Music Lover]

SMS Based Money Sharing: Venmo

Well, for the people who are fond of leaving their wallets or credit cards at home this is a really helpful application. Venmo basically is web based software that makes money movement very easy among close circles of friends. Venmo is a complete web service with an amazing concept behind it; it allows friends to text money through a SMS to each other. Working of this amazing web based service is wonderful and simple; first a user has to make an account on the Venmo web page. Next, he has to select their Phone type, if it’s a Blackberry or an iPhone. Lastly, the user needs to link his bank account or credit card number to the account of Venmo service. After this is done, the user can later on select the accounts of friends and link them with his account. So, if you setup a Venmo account and happen to forget your wallet at home while tasting popular cuisines in a restaurant, simply tell your friend to send you money through SMS in your bank account. The good thing is that account history of the user is also reflected and given a “social touch” by making it visible in a dedicated stream of payment. Moreover, users can also categorize their friends as “trusted” contacts. You can view this amazing web service from the following link. [Venmo]

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