Stream Music on your iPad and iPhone With Groove Shark


Stream Music on your iPad and iPhone With Groove Shark

Groove shark is an ideal destination for you if you are a music lover. It provides remarkable service by streaming the music on your Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and includes feature for saving the music to your play list. It can be downloaded through your iPhone on the internet and it costs you just $3 per month for listening to music of your choice. It is available for free trial on your iPad for one month to test its performance.

Groove shark operates only by internet service. You cannot access to it without web service or without registration. You must open an account with them by giving basic details like username and a valid email id. You are flooded with hundreds of songs of your artists. You can browse by categories like name of the artist, or name of the song, or particular album. Apart from this, the app allows you to search others play list also.

After selecting a song of your choice, it allows you to add to your favorite list or play list apart from saving one copy on your Android. If you do not get proper internet connection then you can download the song and save it on your iPhone. Such songs saved by you exist as files and not MP3 songs.

Groove shark comes with a link for play lists and songs so that you can share them with your friends on Twitter through email. The songs on your favorite lists can be accessed through web browser or iPhone app.

The quality of sound in this app is fair enough. The app opts for low bit rate by default so that the songs can be downloaded even internet connection is running slow. You can adjust them for high rate by going to settings menu. Every now and then the app displays ‘error message’ on the screen. Just ignore it and press the ‘Play’ button to hear the song.

Groove shark play songs for you even when you are browsing another app and even if you switch off the iPhone touch screen. For going back to Groove shark just click the ‘Groove shark’ icon after clearing the screen.

The app plays Pandora Radio stations music also, if you personalize the song matching the theme of the station. Sadly enough my iphone was not having the feature well enough for listening to Pandora. You can listen to new music and enjoy songs, if the connection works on your iPhone.

Groove shark is not for the person who enjoys MP3 songs from the existing play lists. This app will be suitable for you if you can browse music of any song. It provides feature for storing the songs on SD card of your iPhone. You can listen to countless songs whenever you want for subscribing to Groove shark at the rate of $3 per month of $30 for a year.

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