Everything You Need to Know About Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)


Everything You Need to Know About Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)

Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) is Google’s new OS for touch-screen tablets. Currently, Android seems to sit on the top layer of Google’s pyramid, which is designed to seamlessly run all of its available services (Google Search, Gmail, Youtube, Gtalk and many others), while ensuring a high degree of mobility. The Honeycomb is Android’s latest iteration after the recent Gingerbread. To understand Honeycomb fully, you need to take a step by step approach. Google has shown us what the future of the tablets should be, some experts even believe that now the iPad ceases to become a serious device and turns into a toy when compared to Honeycomb, and perhaps, but there are plenty of reasons for this statement.


Right from the start, you’ll immediately see a few things that catch your attention. First, the widgets are so simple and effective, allowing quick access on all you want; simply by dragging widgets you can properly arrange your desktop. On the other hand, Android offers excellent multitasking feature, remember that multitasking capability was one thing that once popularized Android. Applications are shown using a carousel that allows Honeycomb to display many applications while using a small area of the screen. With, Honeycomb, you won’t need physical buttons. As a whole, the interface is clean and you’ll like it.


On many surveys, Gmail are often considered as the most favorite online applications. Nearly a decade ago, Gmail attracted us with its generous space and immediately lured many Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail users.  Naturally, Android offers the best support for Gmail available compared to other OSs, Honeycomb comes with a dedicated application for Gmail. At first glance it has all the looks and features of a typical e-mail client app in a desktop computer. The app has a great visual appearance and looks nice.


The multimedia feature is always one of the most popular components in today’s mobile devices and video junkies will definitely appreciate an application designed entirely for Youtube. It does not bring significant changes compared to Youtube app of previous Android versions; it offers a new eye-catching 3D galleries, but little else. Most new tablets come with cameras, and the app allows you to upload the videos to Youtube quickly without the need of accessing the online version of Youtube on the web browser. An application dedicated for Youtube surely reinforces the image of Tablet as an excellent entertainment device.


Another practical Google’s service is Gtalk that can both act as a messaging platform and a video calling feature. Today’s tablets are lightweight portable devices that act as an evolution in the world of communication. With Gtalk, you don’t need to use GSM technology, you only need a fast data connection, and the rest is magic, watching someone talking for free to others at the other side of the world is simply wonderful. Of course, VoIP is definitely not a new technology, but Honeycomb tablets may bring a renewed interest to this technology.

Google Maps

With Honeycomb, you can get the full versatility and power of Google Maps in a tablet, as it can show almost everything on the Earth surface, not only that, Honeycomb can support GPS built-in hardware and act as a useful navigator and when combined with an 10-inches screen, it is simply a pure delight for any traveler. The Google Maps 5.0 offers 3D visualization and other new features. The level of detail is impressive and it offers continuously updated information on landmarks, places and people around the world.


Android is known and noted for its browser, Chrome browser in Honeycomb is a directly derived from the same app on the desktop. Since the Nexus One, it has proven itself as a useful and simple web browser, which work well even when the hardware isn’t the most powerful, it offers an acceptable performance and a complete web browsing experience with Adobe Flash capability. Thanks to the high resolution of today’s tablets, dual-core processors and large screen size,  it means that web browsing can be satisfying and comparable to what you experience on traditional computers, except for one important detail, everything is done with fingers and gestures, which means that usability and management are a breeze.


Tablets can be excellent e-book readers. It may not have the advantages of e-ink devices like the Kindle, but a Kindle is only good for reading. Google Books offers many free-to-read books and its database is simply overwhelming and it also allows you to preview a book before buying it.

Work and Play

So far, Honeycomb only comes with standard applications for Google services, and it is already a lot when compared to other OSs for mobile devices. But there’s more. The Android Market is continuously being updated and expanded, opening an endless supply of applications that will satisfy any type of user. A good example of the gaming potential on the Honeycomb platform is evident with a tower defense game, called Dungeon Defenders, which is available on Motorola Xoom. With the power and simplicity of Honeycomb, it will not only act as an excellent multimedia entertainment, but also a useful working tool. You’ll enjoy the smooth e-mail management of Gmail app or the versatile Gtalk capabilities.

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