LG Showcases Two New Smartphones in CES


LG Showcases Two New Smartphones in CES

CES Las Vegas is a good opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their upcoming products in 2011. LG is no exception, it presents two smarpthones that will be marketed soon. First, the Optimus X2 LG is powered with a dual-core processor. The other is, the LG Black Optimus, which may astonish you with its exquisite design. Both smartphones run Android.

We start with the LG Black Optimus, which offers stunning features, first of all, it is only 9.2 mm thick or 1 mm less than its rival the iPhone. According to LG, it is the best smartphone ever produced by the company. It also weighs 109 grams, as opposed to 137 grams for the iPhone 4.

The screen will also be competing with the iPhone’s Retina Display. Dubbed as the “Nova Display”, this 4-inch display, according to LG, has better brightness and contrast of compared to other displays in the market. The NOVA display offers an exceptional rendering of black and white. It uses 50% less energy than conventional LCD displays. It would consume even less energy when displaying white background compared to AMOLED display, which result, in better battery life. A “Wi-Fi Direct” module also serves to connect directly with other peripherals (printers, computers, etc.).

The display occupies almost the entire surface. LG offers the Black Optimus with Android 2.2 (Froyo), with a modified interface that can give quick access to apps. It can be updated to the 2.3 version in a future date.  A 2-megapixel camera on the front can be used for video conferencing.

When we talk about LG Optimus X2, we’re not in an uncharted territory, it still offers already familiar features. Indeed, it is powered with a dual-core NVidia Tegra2, which runs at 1GHz, which will better facilitate multitasking in Android OS.

The LG Optimus X2 offers an HDMI connection and its camera can produce 1080p videos, thanks to its 8 megapixel sensor. Its multimedia feature is also compatible with most digital devices such as HDTV products. It will be equipped with an internal storage capacity of 8GB, expandable by microSD.

Just like typical smartphones, it will have accelerometer and gyro sensor. A front camera allows video conferencing capability with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. The LG Optimus X2 will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2011, and will benefit, from the Android 2.3.

In CES, LG also showcases a smartphone prototype that is equipped with a 3D screen that doesn’t need glasses.

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