How to Make Your Landing Pages Convert at a High Rate


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Websites cannot generate a significant income if it would only rely on PPCs and an elevated page ranking in the SERPs. Making it to the first page of the organic search results doesn’t guarantee a conversion. You actually have a higher chance at convincing people to do whatever it is you want them to do (ex: buy a product, sign up for a membership, fill out a form, click on a link) if you can lead them to a landing page.

Landing pages are also known as the lead capture page. As suggested by the name, its main purpose is not just to capture traffic but also to convince them to make conversions. Plenty of attractive content and a very well-written sales copy are needed for this page.

The concern here now is how to make an effective sales copy that can truly result in conversions. It may be easy to make a page look attractive, but not everyone is good at writing effective landing page content. You can hire a top rated SEO company to do it for you. They have writers who know how to write an effective sales copy.

Home Page vs. Landing Page

Do not mistake your home page as a landing page. The latter is an entirely separate page where all the sales pitches are done. This page is also search engine optimized so that visitors will “land” here and be enticed to do something.

Caption: Visitors and customers “land” in landing pages first where they get your first volley of enticements and sales talk.

A landing page doesn’t provide supplementary information to potential customers; they can get that from the main website. What the landing page does is condition the minds of targeted customers that a wonderful opportunity is about to be presented to them, and that they’d benefit a lot if they go through with what the page is asking them to do.

So how do you create an effective landing page?

On Content

  • Be concise and convincing. Tell people precisely what it is you’re inviting them to do. However, you need to do it in an enticing manner, and not with an aggressive tone. A sales or marketing expert should be able to help you do this.
  • Use arresting headlines.
  • List the benefits they can get if they purchase/sign up/register.
  • Don’t write in long paragraphs. This often results in the “textbook syndrome” and bore people even before they’ve started reading it. Use bullets whenever applicable.
  • Use a tone of language that suits your audience and target customers.
  • Be creative. You don’t have to be formal at all times, especially when the nature of your product/services/website calls for a casual environment. Here’s an interesting article by Barry Densa at which says you should play on vices because people have a propensity to be attracted to them.

On Videos and Images

  • Embed interesting videos that show your products/services/website in an interesting and enticing light.
  • Use photos to emphasize a point and to provoke the reactions and emotions that will push them to a conversion.
  • Make sure videos and images are not too big that they would delay page loading time.

Additional Tips

  • Always provide a conversion button at the end of the sales copy.
  • For inspiration check few real life landing page tests
  • Use effective calls to action. Better yet, incorporate these words into images to make a bigger impact.
  • Use Google Analytics and heat mapping tools to monitor audience behavior. Enhance the areas earning the most clickthroughs, and reinforce the locations where there are least clickthroughs.

It is assumed that a person who creates a landing page knows beforehand for whom it is for. Knowing who your market and audiences are makes it easier to figure out what to put in a landing page and how to write content for it. Most importantly, you should know what makes these people tick so you can convince them more easily. That’s how you generate conversions. Again, conversions may or may not result in monetary gain; either way, it is important that you reach those goals and achieve them with high numbers to boot.

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