How All These Gadgets Are Contributing To Obesity and Poor Health Problems


With the passage of time, we are getting more and more reliant on all these machines, gadgets, and devices. For many, passing a day without a laptop or a smart phone with Wi-Fi connection might sound next to impossible, but little do we realize that spending all the time with these gadgets to the extent of addiction is not healthy at all, both in terms of physical as well as mental health.

Looking at the research and survey reports, we can see that obesity is increasing at an alarming rate in all developed countries, and while I wouldn’t use a blanket statement and blame it all on our increasing reliance on these gadgets, it’s a fact that this tech-centric lifestyle is at least, a part of the problem. Let’s see how some of the most commonly used machines and gadgets can contribute to excessive weight, obesity, bad shape, and an overall poor health.

Computers and Laptops for Work:

Starting from our work (even studying), everything seems to be shifting online, but with a long list of advantages Internet also brings a certain disadvantage, and that is the routine of sitting on your couch and gazing at your PC or laptop screens all day long, with headphones glued to your ears and your mind trying to focus on the work, this is not what human mind or body is accustomed to.

Another flip side of the advantage is that all this connectivity and Internet has made it possible for us to work from home, at any time of our choice, and so we do, fueled by our needs or ambitions, many people spend long hours at nights while working on their computers. We don’t need any research or studies to tell us that it is not good for our body or mind and it can very easily lead to obesity or similar health problems.

All this was not so common in the good old days, such haphazard routine can easily result in bad eating habits, bad drinking habits, and bad resting habits, all the ingredients that you will need for various health conditions. While you cannot really throw laptop or computers out of your life, you must devise a strict routine and make sure that you are taking proper breaks and good healthy diet to stay fit and healthy.

Smart-phones for socializing:

I remember the time, when we used to visit some friend just to talk about a football match that our team was playing. And then came the mobile phones, and the visits came down to a couple of back and forth text messages. But while these text messages, phone calls, or social media will do the job as far as our need of sharing is concerned, you will certainly miss on those healthy laughter and stress that you can release in the company of your friends.

Doesn’t matter how advance all those Facebooks, or Twitters become, they will never be able to take the place of a real life friend’s gatherings. So, while you cannot do without computers or laptops at your work, you should certainly avoid replacing your social activities and hangouts with occasional repartee online. You should be going out, and visiting your friends, the catharsis will surely help your mental and spiritual health and the traveling and hanging out part will ensure that you are moving your muscles and not just putting up more and more weight.

Video Games for Playing:

This is probably the worst part, since our sports or playtime used to involve nothing but physical activity. In our school or college days we have tried everything from cricket to soccer, and table tennis to bowling, but these days a big majority of kids spend their recreational time on video games, which means an absolute lack of physical activity (and we wonder why obesity is becoming a much bigger threat with each passing day).

If you are looking to stay fit, and control your weight, you must never compromise on the outdoor sports or activities. You should take out some time every other day and participate in a sport or some physical activity like yoga or dance classes instead of getting yourself a can of soda drink, some fatty food, and sitting down with video game consoles and spend the entire weekend on couch.

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