Blackberry Storm 2, Smart Phone


Blackberry Storm 2, smart phone

Some one might think, “Why to choose storm 2”? The reason is obvious and that is its standard for being an awesome texting device. Black berry continue to impress its user by developing good technology.  Extreme security is also a case if blackberry is taken into account.  It would not be wrong if we say that the new cell is a global phone. The set has built in SIM card that is capable of operating on verizon wireless. Also if the user is traveling the set automatically shifts to GSM and accepting voice plus 3G data.

The best improvement that was made if we compare it to previous model was improvement on surePress.  The improvement allowed executing apps efficiently.  Just like computer blackberry has include multitouch ability that allows its user to capitalize words by pressing shift. There is also data VIZ allows to edit in PowerPoint, MS word .but an update is essential to both modes landscape and portrait. There is also QWERTY keyboard.

The favorite thing is introducing WI-FI into the set. That is pretty useful if you are not finding internet. Altogether the performance is increased by 5.0 OS. Having 256MB ram plus 2GB did not slow the set thanks to its 5.0 OS. Main thing that determines a set like this is touch ability. It is perfect; having resolution of 480 by 360 P images taken are excellent and sharp. More over the camera is 3.2 Megapixel and LED flash is there also. There is also GPS receiver and Bluetooth.

The set is quite cheap for a touch screen. Well the set has helped the public to forget flaws in previous models. Black berry has worked well in removing these flaws especially sluggish performance. Typing on the set is very exciting because previously the screen use to move it was tapped. But the improvements will certainly satisfy angry and disappointed users. There is also SDHC card included in the phone and it is of 16GB, so dual memory. The set will not beat I phone and android. But for blackberry consumers it is a big deal. Obviously it is a smart and has lot to offer for satisfied blackberry consumers. Most of all people will enjoy the taste that is to be offered by surePress. If you are electronic geek then be ready for surprise,

Now what can be concluded about the set? Well, it is 65-90 $ and is not much expensive and the user wont be sad if it is lost some how.  No one wants to waste there money. But if it happens it is not a big deal really. For business men it is an ideal choice as we see many business men prefer blackberry as there handset. They also have to travel a lot if business is international. SIM card will play critical role for business people. So getting the smart phone will not be a bad choice indeed. As you are receiving 3.2 megapixel camera and it is nice for a cheap smart phone. Plus good touch screen.

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  1. I have blackberry storm and it works awesome.

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