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People with mobile phones that have a Windows operating system should be very happy because free task management software is now available: Wunderlist. It is sold in the Windows Marketplace and it is a revolutionary task synchronization application. Many people are using this mobile phone application and it has changed the lives of people from a disorganized clutter to a more organized way of dealing with things through a system and better interface.

According to information from the Unwired website, the Windows version of Wunderlist will look a bit more different compared to how it is present on other operating software. The new Wunderlist is based on the Microsoft Metro user interface which is based on a landscape view and tile arrangement.

Wunderlist has been recommended to a lot of users for task management. It has gained a lot of reviews that say that it works like a charm. However, Wunderlist may work for a number of reasons for different people precisely because it serves different purposes. It is not a one size fits all type of solution. Rather, it bends to what the users need and answers to what the users are having big problems with in task management.

According to an expert in task management apps, “Wunderlist has a lot of great features that fit my approach and at virtually no amount, is worth the look if you are looking for a mobile task management solution. Thanks to an effective interface with solid features, cross-platform support and cloud synchronization, Wunderlist is the right application for those who want to have task management the right way.”

The two things that Wunderlist did right are: simplicity and cross platform support. It can run on different clients such as Mac, Windows, iOs, Android, Blackberry, and others. Anyone can use Wunderlist and anyone can access it anywhere.

A lot of users have said that Wunderlist works wonderfully even if users have different goals and aims for using it. At the end of February, Wunderlist has reported that it now has over two million users following 15 months from its release. Even when there are a few users of Windows phones, the company may not have a very good return of investment yet. However, there is a steady growth in the number of Windows based phones which means that Wunderlist can be more popular and their sales can even grow further.

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