This Is How Delegation Can Help Your Small Business Grow


We are conditioned to think that doing things on our own shows how efficient we are, particularly when we work in a smaller team. However, increasing levels of research demonstrates why delegation is the key to helping your small business grow.

Delegation used to be seen as another word for lazy – the official way to off-load unattractive tasks onto lesser colleagues. Recently, work-sharing has been seen in a new light. Businesses are changing, employees want flexible employers with modern office spaces like Liverpool Science Park, a rented office space, where collaborative working is both part of the ethos and office design.

Delegation in the modern small business is not an act of handing down, but of shared ownership and best use of expertise. It is about efficiency, a sense of community, commitment to an entrepreneurial spirit and valuing employees.


Why the change?

Employers have had to face the fact that today’s employee is savvy and well-informed. Unlike the workers of ten, twenty years ago, staff today will move on if they don’t feel valued or challenged at work.

The loss of talented staff, as well as the resulting recruitment, is costly, particularly for a small business.

With stiff competition from across the globe for quality employees, it is no longer acceptable to off-load tasks. Managers are expected to have soft skills and a breadth of leadership abilities. Accountability, efficiency and results are the buzzwords of today.

Delegation has moved on:

As research by Michigan State University suggests: ‘The benefits of delegation go well beyond company leaders. The development of employees and team members is also at risk without delegation’. 1

Staff want opportunities to grow, build expertise and pursue new projects. Leaders are expected to get results- fast. Thus, work-sharing is an essential skill for any manager who wants to be effective, a necessary action to ensure that you are using your most valued skills effectively.

For staff, delegation is the most powerful way to build good staff morale, commitment to the company and a skilled workforce. The ability to delegate is dependent on you knowing each member of your team well.

Moving beyond their key skills, you need to know the interests and ambitions of every member of your squad. Meaning, more team-building and stronger communication.

Employees need to feel valued. According to, Bart Lorang, founder of Full Contact gets this – he pays his staff $7,500 to go on holiday!

Now no-one is suggesting that you take your staff on holiday, but the principle is the same way. As a modern employer you have to have strategies in place to retain your staff, and a key action must be delagation.

Although it may sound like more work, delegation is an investment that will help your business grow. The long term results of work-sharing are a stronger, more committed and better skilled workforce- which is guaranteed to secure improved business growth.

What do you think? Do you delegate at work? What are the most effective measures that your employer has in place to build staff loyalty? Add your comments below- we would love hear what you think.

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