Memories That We Like To Keep


We all have photographic memories that we like to cherish weather we keep them in an album or in an old biscuit tin.

However, as time goes by photographs can become damaged or even become faded.

This article will look at what you can do to avoid your memories from being damaged.

You will be aware of the damage that can be caused to photographs from flooding; however have you consider the damage that can be done to your photographs from Steam even if they are in a picture frame?

To avoid this happening, the best thing to do is to avoid hanging pictures in your kitchen, some people would advise to avoid hanging the pictures next to the kitchen sink however, they are forgetting about the steam that can come with cooking.

You will be well aware of the damage the sun can do to your skin, it can also do damage to our photographs.

To avoid damage to your photographs from the sun’s rays, keep them out of direct sunlight this will reduce the chances of your images becoming faded.

Spray Cleaners
We are all aware how dusty a house can become, and we notice the dust more on photo frames however, what some people don’t realise is the damage that can be done from spray cleaners.

To avoid damage being, done there are two things that you can do to avoid damaging the photograph inside the frame.

The first is to remove the photograph from the frame before you clean it however this could become quite time consuming if you have a lot of photo frames.

The second option is to get a clean cloth and spray some cleaner on to it, and then clean the frame with the cloth.

Keep Copies
Technology allows us to keep our cherished memories on a disc and thanks to photo printers.  You can print off a new photograph if they are damaged.

However, if you do not have a copy of a damaged image or it is an old photograph of your parents or grandparents, don’t worry there are things that you can do to save the picture and restore it to its former glory.

Photo restoration is an excellent way to restore images to their former glory; however, your photographs do not need to be damaged to use a photo restoration service.

For example, do you have a favourite picture but think it would look better if the background was not as prominent by using a photo manipulation service to remove some of the background.

James West works for a Photo Restoration company and likes nothing more than seeing the look on his clients face when they see their cherished photographs restored to their former glory.

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