Dell Laptop Under $500 Review: Dell Inspiron M5030 2800B3D Review


Dell Laprtop under $500 review: Dell Inspiron M5030 2800B3D review

Anyone in need of a computer today will have a lot of things to consider before getting one. There are many online sites that offer lists of the best laptop models and brands today. Nobody can however argue that when it comes to products like this it is almost hard to find an ideal one. And any laptop that is said to be ideal will only stand as such so long as its features and abilities are okay for that time. This means that a laptop that was ideal a year ago may not be okay today. This is because of the increasing development in laptop models. That is, as the days go by there is also an increasing change in fashion/style and an improvement technology. And as these changes occur they are going to be incorporated into newer products which can easily relegate older versions to the background. It should however still be said that not all laptops still grow old that easily. And there are some people that even prefer some of their old desktops to their present laptops. So calling a computer ideal will entail considering a lot of factors, some of which are the features of the laptop and if the laptop can do for you at a particular time exactly what you want a laptop to do. So let us consider the features of this Dell Inspiron M5030 2800B3D and see if it could be your ideal laptop.

Major Specifications

  • 2.3 GHz Athlon II Dual rock P 360 Processor
  • 4GB Shared Dual Channel Memory, DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 320GB, 5400rpm

The Goods

With an average review rating of 4.2/5 stars and a price starting from around $499.99, this Dell laptop places itself in a pretty good position among other laptops in this price radius. Its 15.6 inch HD and LED display both gives this nice laptop a good touch. This dell laptop comes with a genuine windows 7 home edition.

The Bad

If you love heavy computing like gaming and Adobe Photoshop, this laptop may not offer you such luxury. Its processor could make such type of heavy computing a nightmare. And many will argue that one can still get a fairly better processor by spending around the same amount of cash.

So what will be the conclusion of the whole talk about the Dell Inspiron M5030 2800B3D. While it will be advisable for one to check out for some other alternatives with a similar price, they can however choose this one if they love the Dell Company. Its average review rating is good and it can be a good choice for college students to do their school work. That is, for students who may not be considering too much gaming, this Dell Inspiron can easily be a good choice. Apart from this, the features of this laptop may not be all that encouraging for someone that wants a serious laptop. Even though they can consider a higher price, they can also consider a more reliable alternative among the cheap laptops.

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