Review: Samsung UN55D8000 55-inch HDTV


Advancing the Art of Entertainment – Samsung UN55D8000 55-inch HDTV

Advancing the Art of Entertainment - Samsung UN55D8000 55-inch HDTV

As one of Samsung’s newly launched high-end TVs, UN55D8000 55-inch HDTV is a model that’s likely to grab much attention. Not only does it bring together all the features expected from a top HDTV, but it also features a stunning design that almost gets rid of the frame around the screen. On the other hand, the model has a screen uniformity that is far from being perfect.


Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV has a 55-inch LED backlit screen with a glossy finish and a 240Hz refresh rate. 3D technology is supported, and those used to previous 3D-capable Samsung HDTVs will be happy to hear that the company has made considerable improvements in this area. Included in the package are two pairs of 3D glasses. In addition, Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV has built-in Wi-Fi, supports USB hard drives, and comes with a more than capable web browser.

On the software side, UN55D8000 looks good, despite the fact that it lacks Amazon Instant. It comes with many applications, including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Google Maps, Picasa, and a number of games.

The remote is a flipper and there’s not much to say about it except that when it’s turned upside down it becomes a small QWERTY keyboard. Overall, it works well and feels comfortable to hold.

The Good

Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV boasts a fantastic design that can arguably be called the company’s best so far. The minimalistic design that almost does away with the screen frame gives viewers the impression that they are not looking at a TV, but at a picture floating in the room. The result of the excellent design is a superior viewing experience that is not easily matched by the competition.

The design is not however, the only good thing about Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV. The quality of the 3D picture is significantly better than in previous Samsung models, while video processing is nothing but excellent. The Internet portal that comes with the model, Smart Hub, is brimming with applications and streaming services, while the included web browser is a useful addition.

The Bad

Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV has a rather bad screen uniformity compared to many other HDTVs. Brightness variation is especially troublesome and, being quite noticeable, is likely to disappoint many. The price, which is well over $2,000, can be considered too high, although the model boasts many features and an overall good picture quality. Another issue critics may find with Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV is the Smart Hub, which, although replete with applications, lacks Amazon Instant and can feel at times later cluttered.

Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV is an excellent high-end model with a brilliant design and comprehensive features. The picture quality however, is not ideal, and this becomes noticeable when comparisons are made with other HDTV in the same price range. The compact, streamlined design, the abundance of features, the capable web browser and the overall feel of a polished product make Samsung UN55D8000 HDTV one of the most exciting models to hit the market this year.

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