Prospect Pro205 from Lexmark: 5 Years of Warranty


Prospect Pro205 from Lexmark 5 years of warranty

A printer cannot be less expensive and producing great quality with speed. One or two features should be compromised. Likewise, Prospect Pro205 is a cheap printer with average speed and below average quality. Even though the quality of print is very much like Pro905 model it cannot be compared on the aspect of cost for one printing. The model comes with 5 years of warranty from Lexmark.

The model is well-suited for office desktops and it comes with an automatic feeder for document. Appearance was down to earth with black plastic cover and occasional silver lining. The LCD screen is smaller but enough for performing the tasks.

The front panel has four ranges of buttons for faxing, copying, scanning and printing, and another button for Eco mode and Address book. Eco mode key is meant for changing the printer into duplex printing if pressed once, and it becomes power saver thus reducing your electricity bill. The book of address is an added feature in this model which can scan up to 8 cards simultaneously.

The paper feeder can only accommodate 100 papers of normal variety, and 25 photo papers or another 10 envelopes at a time. May be this is the reason for this budge priced printer. Lexmark gives 5 large years of warranty for its printer along with technical support.

You can install the device without any difficulty. The software driver is cleverly designed to offer instructions and guide us through the process of set up. The model has one black ink cartridge and three coloured cartridges assembled inside.

The Prospect Pro205 supports wireless connection and it was easy to type the address and password given. The printer was able to automatically upgrade the firmware which is up to date and this feature was classic in this model.

The printing process was easy and quite enough to tolerate. Strangely, the printer has only one input tray at the top. Sometimes, the tray struggled to draw the glossy paper and with repeated efforts, it could pull the same.

The automatic feeder can be loaded with 35 papers only and you can choose for saving the scanned matter in your memory slot. It also allows option for saving it in the system in the file form.

The speed of the Pro205 was great in Best mode and in par with the Interact S605 model of Lexmark. The copying and scanning process were of average speed only. The quality of printout was good enough in Normal option but the colour texts looked separately in large number of pixels. The difference could only be spotted by an expert and the test was conducted on various modes. Strangely, the photos were looking great after printed out.

If you select the modes manually then sometimes black bars were found in printouts. The issue vanished when quality setting was changed. To avoid this problem, select ‘none’ option in ‘Properties’ for no image sharpening.

The Prospect Pro205 was not designed to use high yield Lexmark black cartridge the cost for one page printout goes above average. So you have to spend extra dollars for buying cartridges often.

To conclude, Prospect Pro205 is ideal for small office business with all its features and 5 years of warranty at cheap price.

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