Structk: The Ultimate Physics Builder


Structk The Ultimate Physics Builder
If you’re good at constructing images, then Structk is the perfect game for you. With the implementation of simple physics, you will succeed in building a solid structure against disastrous hurricanes and earthquakes. Structk is compatible with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that requires an iOS 3.1.3 or later. You can get this challenging game in App. Store for a purchase price of $2.99. Structk physics-based building game is created by Metaphase 07.
The concept of the game is unique. Your imagination and constructing skills will be tested. This 2D game has two modes available- free and arcade. The free mode allows you to construct any infrastructure you desire from buildings to bridges. The arcade mode offers more than 20 difficulty levels for you to overcome. The goal of the game is to construct a stable framework that can handle disasters from nature. A chart and statistical reference about the analyzed data will be informed to aid you in pointing out the weak and strong areas of the structure you built. This will help you in improving better structures in the next game round. In building infrastructures, variety of materials like aluminum, steel, and wood can be selected. The measurements of materials differ from each other. Connecting the beams is not a problem. Objectives and tutorial is displayed in the screen as the game starts. Tap the option to activate earthquakes and hurricanes to test if your built structure is sturdy enough.

Languages supported in the application are French, Spanish, and English. A Help System is available to easily respond to your concerns. An accelerometer is available to know the gravity of earthquakes. You will never miss an undergoing construction if ever it crashes because of the auto-save option. Game levels can be directly downloaded from the web.

The use of touch screen quite complicates building controls. Building structures should be accurately inputted in the right position and area. There’s a grid guide available but you benefit less from it because the use of fingers can ramble the appropriate direction selected. Attaching materials should be in precise placement because you finger can swipe it to another area. The screen of iPhone and iPod touch is minimal for the game but control functions in iPad usage can be managed. The interface of the game is simple and clear.

The game contributes a lot when exercising the neurons in your brain to work. People into engineering will really love this application. Patience, knowledge, skills, imagination, and precision are some of the factors needed to succeed in the game. The 2D graphics and sound effects are awesome. Structk is an exceptional game for players who wanted to try a change from usual games of cooking, killing, or solving puzzles.

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