Review of eMachines EL1300G-01W


Review of eMachines EL1300G-01W

Pros: this is a compact and catchy design which is not pricey and it has a total of 9 USB ports which is great news for many.

Cons: this system is a slow performer and the graphics which is integrated only possesses VGA output. It does not have Wi Fi connectivity which is something many people look for.

This system is a great one for internet surfers and it will also provide a good performance of the Microsoft tasks without any problems. However note that the model 02W is packed with a monitor which is 20inch and it is priced at $100 so it is much better for the value.

Main specifications of this system are as follows;

Processor speed 1.6 GHz AMD Athlon2650e. There is a memory of 2 GB and the storage capacity is 160 GB. It possesses the optical drives of DVD and RW. The one reviewed does not come with a monitor and there is an integrated graphics. Lastly this system operates on Windows Vista.

With a processor of AMD ATHLON at 1.6GHz and the 2GB memory it is actually a quite good performer and since it is sized as 10.7 x 4.2 x 15 inches it is a cute and cheap PC. This system is good for those who are searching around for a PC to surf on Web, work on Microsoft Office. However if you are planning on working with your tunes and some video editing then you will definitely have to have some patience and wait until it tries to cope with the load of tasks.

EL1300G 01W has been through so many different tests and it has achieved to hit the low values which is again an indicator of its capabilities. Also since this is a cute and small PC it does not provide potential of upgrading and for this reason one should not purchase it because it is cheap and aim to upgrade it further. You can only increase the memory up to 4GB however you will have to remove the present memory module since there are only 2 DIMMs. However one good thing about the interiors is that though it is small and has quite a lot of components it is still neat and access is quite easy.

There are 5 USB ports at front and 4 at the back giving you a total of 9. There are mic and headphone, Ethernet and a modem jack if you are one of those who are still stuck with dial up connection.

Overall this cute system is a very cheap and affordable one because it is sold at $298 and it should be enough for many who are after a system to carry out basic tasks.

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