The company Dollar General was established by Cal Turner in Kentucky. They are popular for selling pocket friendly household products, home appliances, seasonal products, food products and apparels in a variety of options. Since, the company is a huge setup; there are many job openings on hourly basis as well as salaried job openings for many departments within the company. You can apply for dollar general careers in the field of human resources, risk management, finance and accounting, merchandising store, legal, information technology, clerical and material handling.


With a company this big, there are more opportunities to tap and you should be thoroughly prepared with everything to apply for positions such as district managers, store careers, region directors, distribution center careers, operations careers, corporate and sales careers. You can easily apply for jobs that are part time, full time or on hourly basis as per your needs and requisites. There are enormous career opportunities for everyone at professional level as well as entry level positions. Since, Dollar General is resent all over the nation; you can apply for jobs at small shopping malls and in any neighborhoods where it is present.

The first step before applying at any company involves visiting their application careers center to find out what kind of openings for any job by the company are available. You can also use the Dollar group store locator to find out any local job openings in your city. After this, submit the application online for the posted job. For applying at any position, you must be atleast 18 years and above.

If the application matches the requirements of the company, the firm contacts the applicant and provides them with an id and password. The applicant can later log in the company’s website with the aid of the user id and password. The company offers many types of benefits and perks in the form of work benefits, disability and life insurance benefits, wellness programs, compensation, rewards, retirement and financial security benefits and flexible spending benefits. The detailed description of how the entire process is done is mentioned below that will help any applicant to achieve their desired job placement.

Job Application Process

There are online Dollar General Application forms offered. Before submitting the form, it is mandatory to fill all the details in the application form. The following fields must be included in the form:

Personal Information

  • Full Name
  • Address, Phone no., Email id
  • State and Zip Code
  • Social Security number
  • Minimum age required is 18 years

General Information

  • Criminal Conviction should be excluded except for applicants from Philadelphia and Massachusetts
  • Knowledge of any relative working in the company
  • Details of the permission of working full time in the U.S.


  • Applied position
  • Work hours per week
  • Details about previous employment and reasons for switching the jobs
  • Pay expected
  • Any warehouse experience
  • Can start work from the written date


  • Details about your college degree
  • Skills if any
  • High school and diploma details
  • Professional aptitude and certifications if any
  • Work history
  • Work references
  • Notification and Agreement


The form submission should only be done after signed and dated by the applicant. You can also attach the resume as well as the cover letter in the form before submitting it online. After this, you have to wait for confirmation from the company. If the company is satisfied with all your provided details, they will themselves get in touch and respond after the application is filed.

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