Tips For Choosing The Best Casters To Use


There are a variety of factors to consider when determining what type of pneumatic casters to use. Many components come into play for each caster and the given task that they will be used for. Below are going to be some of the specific things to take into consideration when choosing the best casters to use. Be sure to always use quality casters for your projects, such as the ones found at

Weight Of Load

One of the more important factors to take into consideration when choosing the type of caster to use for your loads is weight. The heavier your loads are, the more dense and larger your casters are going to have to be. To figure out what you need in a good caster according to weight, take the gross weight of your dolly or truck and then divide that amount by the number of wheels and casters in which the total weight is going to be distributed.

Tips For Choosing The Best Casters To Use

Floor Conditions

The type of floor conditions your trucks and dollies will be rolled on can greatly affect the type of casters you should use. The floor can have an impact on the wheel and caster’s performance. There are different types of wheels and casters that perform better and last longer depending on the type of flooring they will be rolled around on.

Extreme Climates

For certain types of wheels or casters, extreme cold or heat can cause issues. Because of this, it is necessary to examine your climate conditions to figure out which types of wheels and casters would work best in the temperatures they will be used in. Certain casters have specific temperature ranges they perform best in.

Ease Of Use

Typically, wheels made with harder materials and that are larger in diameter will be easier to roll. Roller bearings will be able to carry heavier load weights. Ball bearings for casters can roll much easier than roller bearings. However, they are made for lighter loads. There are also casters that are made to go up ramps or be used for swiveling.

Choosing the right type of caster for your truck or dolly is important to the performance of the wheels. It can also make a difference in how easy it is to move your loads around your warehouse. Casters can also make a difference in the efficiency of how your loads are moved around.

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