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How To Build Your Internet Marketing Campaign On Google Plus


Are you ready to take Google Plus by storm? The social network helps you boost your positioning in Google, expand your brand and grow your online business quickly.

Google looks favorably upon its little brother. By posting content-rich updates you can reach the first page of Google for select keywords in the eyes of your circle mates. It makes perfect sense for both new and veteran online entrepreneurs to explore the social network and use the platform as a lead generating tool.

As with any site you simple get by giving, meaning you can generate leads and grow your opportunity by engaging freely, sharing your friend’s updates and providing your own unique content on a persistent basis.

Engage Persistently

This is the missing ingredient in most G Plus marketing campaigns. Users never engage, and expect individuals who never chat, or engage, or ask questions, or provide answers.

Your social media currency goes through the roof if you simply engage individuals. G Plus buddies come to know, like and trust you by conversing with you. By seeing your “Thank You” comment after they share your post. By answering your questions, or by you answering their questions.

Engaging forms the basis of powerful connections. You can get to know someone by chatting with them. The trust-building process can’t begin if you send out links all day – even if they are content-rich blog posts – because this type of account is a broadcasting station.

Broadcasting stations do poorly on Google Plus. How can you listen, how can you tune into people’s problems, if you send out update after update, hour after hour, day after day? Nope, you need to engage, and engage persistently, to grow your campaign effectively on Google Plus.

Respond to Plus One’s. Every one, as you are new to the network, or at least respond to each Plus One for 10 minutes daily. Show that a real, living breathing person tends to your account. Gain the trust of your target market. Prosper as individuals grow to know, like and trust you, because you showed up and engaged on a daily basis.

Share Valuable Content

Share problem-solving content to become popular on Google Plus. Sure, pepper in a few colorful images here and there, and chat about casual topics a bit too, but send out mostly content-filled, niche-specific updates to grow a targeted, responsive group of people who add you to their circles.

Share helpful content too. People crave your unique content and they also enjoy seeing their content shared on your wall. Some of this crowd returns the Share, and your presence expands into a different audience. People like sharing individuals, so the simple fact that you share persistently grows your Google Plus presence fast.

Target your content. Build each post around a keyword or key phrase from your niche. Take the time to effectively use SEO in each blog post to attract targeted Google Plus buddies and boost your email list subscriber base.

Use these tips to build your internet marketing campaign with Google Plus today.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on effectively using social media and other strategies for building a successful business whether online or offline. If you are in need of an FTP client program, check out Winscp, which works on a variety of platforms.

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