Touch Screens Take Over the Wheel


Touch Screens Take Over the Wheel

With all the different iDevices that have been put out by Apple, my original one looks trivial. Traveling was the one purpose I even purchased an iPod. It was an amazing idea when I first took it out to check it out.

What I once thought was really interesting, is now just old news.  The original version of iPod looks like a semi-truck and all these other new iDevices are Volkswagen Beetles. 40 GB was A LOT back then and now 64 GB is an “adequate” amount for many iPod consumers. You can barely even feel the new models in your pocket because they are so small. So all this updating seems like a contagious disease for Apple and their iPods.

All things are being pointed in the touch-screen direction. Apple waited almost ten years to put out any further versions of the iPod. It seems like the only thing staying the same and NOT being upgraded is the iPod Shuffle.

The regular iPod and iPod Shuffle are just strictly turning into old news.

Some people are still interested in seeing the Shuffle continue on to new things with Apple. And it’s the only iDevice available that can get under the $50 dollar mark. Apple would go as far as to try and put a multi-tasker on the Shuffle as well (if they could of course). It now has everything except for a display.

What Apple is truly trying to achieve as its new design for not just this product but many of them, is a touch screen.

Nano and Touch are being re-introduced to the public with some whole new looks and features.

Nano Version

The previous version of the Nano was nice and sleek in aesthetics. The fact that it didn’t actually have a touch screen at that time was really annoying. So here goes the annoying wheel and there goes the board as well. Thank God. With no wheel or board to worry about, it’s now super compact.

When comparing both tiny iDevices, they look almost identical in length and width. Nano has two things that were added onto its configuration that makes it a little bit chunkier than the Shuffle.

Now, we start introducing applications these iDevices. If you’re thinking crazy thoughts right now about having all kinds of applications put on the Nano, think again. Some of the additions will be small ones directly from Apple for their iDevices

It’s a small display and who can use their fingers on such a small display? Let’s put it this way, if you could use the wheel, this will be a snap for you. You hold down buttons and just regular left and right directional buttons to make changes.

You have a sub-screen located off of the main ones and you can return to the menu by just swiping one way across the screen. Nothing too different here.

Now the Nano can display pictures based on how you have the Nano sitting. It has a clip-on now as well. It now turns as well, just like the iPads portrait and landscape, but this gives you better control.

Following in its ancestral footsteps, it still sounds pristine. Battery life is excellent and I like how you can have your music saved for 24 hours and go back if you want to

Media for film footage has gone “bye-bye” because of the new size.  It’s kind of meant for one purpose and that purpose doesn’t include watching videos, the display wouldn’t be big enough to even enjoy it.

I always thought of it as a redundant feature because it couldn’t even photograph so why would you be able to watch films? The Nano should be distinctly music anyways because of its format and functions so I’m not disappointed about the video being nixed.

What About the iPod Touch?

Just take the Nano’s lack of media in the video department and tack it onto the iPod Touch. Now you have two decisions to make. Do you want to just take a picture with the front camera or catch the whole thing on video with the rear camera?

The retail value runs at about $230 dollars and that’s not a bad compromise for what most people will get in this iDevice. You could think of all the good things that Apple has come out with in the last few years as far as features and put it all in one device and you’ve got this new iPod.

The resolution and visual advantage that this phone has is great and unmatched in most cases. It’s smaller and has more stuff on it, and I like that.

Everything has gone chrome as well. It is compatible with Wi-Fi, but doesn’t have to have the annoying antenna anymore.

Curves on the model make is seem thinner to hold. Any inputs are going to be located on the bottom portion of the device, while the switches are located on the top. This model from Apple is going to allow all kinds of fun media to be mastered in more ways than one.

All media music is in the same sound categories as the previous models in its class. Since there is a much more abundant power life, you can expect to have to charge it much less than before. The battery couldn’t outmatch the iPad, but it did beat all the other iDevices out on the market

People who enjoy games will also enjoy playing them on the iPod Touch. Let’s just say, the iPod Touch is going to smash all competition with other gaming devices out there in the very near future with how well the visual and 4-bit features enhance the gaming experience.

You have to check out the camera and its great ability to grab videos in the outside environment and in lit areas. It’s not as good in dark lit areas. You can find some applications that allow you to make changes to your videos as well. It’s all packed in to this tiny little device.

When competing in a photo contest with its iPhone 4 comrade, it lost to lesser clarity of photos. If you are looking for an iDevice that is specifically built for pictures, then you’ll want to go with the latter model.

If Apple had to put their effort into either photos or videos, they were definitely going to pick videos. Photography media may have just been a small afterthought on Apples part.

It’s easier to pick video over photography on the iPhone Touch as well as you are given that option first and foremost.

Having both video and photography with super good pixel ability would have meant that Apple would have had to put a lot more size into the product. I guess it came down to not being important enough. I believe the consumers would have thought different.

FaceTime is another thing on the iPod Touch. It works much like the iPhone 4 did when using the FaceTime feature. Now all you need to have any type of hook-up is an email to send it to. I do get to make a comment about it because I was able to use it once and I liked it. It only takes one time to input the information and then you’re all set.

FaceTime is something we should look into in future products put out by Apple as well.  With enough time, it could become universal. It’s going to be used by a large majority a people around the world, so why not make it universal?

Using Your Fingers

Say goodbye to annoying wheels and hello to a new touch screen.

Thanks to its’ touch screen people are scrambling for this version of an Apple iDevice. I believe that Apple had to find a way to keep consumers happy and this was the way they could do it successfully and tie in with their other products. Sales of the Touch will hopefully promote sales of the Nano as well.

Apple is continuing an effort to change all of their products to touch screen and in doing so have put themselves on the top of the market for these kinds of devices. The bottom line is that Apple put out good quality products.

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