Dell Venue Pro


Dell Venue Pro

The Dell Venue Pro was released in the final quarter of 2010, but remains quite popular. It is also referred to as the Dell Lightning and as “the life phone”. It received its name as the life phone because of its home screen. The user can personalize the home screen so when you turn on the screen and all your frequently used applications are a press away. Like many of the windows phones, it was known as a device that would allow you to keep connected without you having missing out on your life by being absorbed by your phone.

This slick black slider phone almost appears to contemporary spin to the LG Chocolate, a feature phone produced in 2006. It is 121 mm in height, 64.4 mm in width, and 14.9 mm in thickness. The phone weighs approximately 191 g which is heavier than most smartphones, but it understandable because of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The front screen is bare except for a back button, a home button, and a search button. The rear of the phone has a Celtic-looking design on it with the dell symbol in the middle, the Windows Phone icon on the bottom, and the camera on the top.

The front screen is made out of high quality, scratch resistant, Gorilla glass. The screen is 4.1 inches and has a 480 x 800 pixel resolution. The screen is a high quality AMOLED display. The phone does not have an on-screen keyboard, but has the slide-out QWERTY keyboard instead. It seems that the lack of touch keyboard goes with the theme of the Pro and that is “keeping it simple”. The screen is only for the feature applications. A lot of phone users prefer the QWERTY keyboards because it’s easier to use. In addition, the display has a light sensor as well as proximity sensor, both of which strive to prolong the life of the battery.

The Dell Venue Pro was one of the first phones to use of the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system. Considering the fact that most smart phones have went to Android for their operating system, it was a risky, but innovative move for the Pro to go a different way. The Windows Phone 7 OS offers things like Office Mobile and an integration of Xbox live. The integration if Office mobile makes this phone highly desirable to those who avidly use Microsoft Office, such as students and office workers. Never before has it been so easy to edit and send office documents to and from your mobile device. The phone is also equipped with Bluetooth v2.1 and a GPS.

The camera on this device has a 5MP resolution. It has the ability to take400 x 800 pixel photograph. It features an auto-focus mode as well as digital zoom. The camera also has video-taking capabilities. It can record 720p videos that are considered high definition.

The battery life of the Dell Venue Pro is average. Reviewers claim that the user could get 7 hours of talk time and 336 hours of standby time.

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  1. I think the collaboration between Dell and Microsoft with its Windows Phone 7 operating system can be a good beginning for the implementation of the new Windows 8 Operating System, which will be launched in March.

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