The Future Of Science and Technology: How You Can Make A Difference


Science and technology are continually changing the world we live in. However, most students don’t realize that their science or technology degree can make a real difference in the world. Below introduces six careers that will allow you to make a difference in your community.

Health and Well-Being

Healthcare relies on technology more than ever to drive innovation and research. Clinical or laboratory scientists perform highly technical healthcare research that can save lives and improve the quality of lives for many people. Working as an IT administrator or director within a healthcare organization is an excellent way to integrate technology and healthcare solutions.

National Security

If serving your country is important to you, consider applying your science and technology skills to protect your fellow citizens. All military branches and law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI and CIA, rely on intelligence officers to collect and analyze complex database information and raw intelligence in order to keep America safe.

The Future Of Science and Technology: How You Can Make A Difference

The Environment

Environmental professionals rely on both science and technology to identify and assess threats to communities and the environment. Environmental scientists collect and analyze data and samples in order to create plans to prevent and manage air, land and water pollution. Everything an environmental scientist does depends on detailed, technical data and science.

Public Safety

Forensic scientists use advanced technology to assist law enforcement with investigating crimes. They do this through performing biological, chemical and physical analysis tests on evidence. Forensic science technicians help to convict criminals and indirectly keep the streets safe. All of their work is finalized in legal reports that are utilized by attorneys, law enforcement and the courts.

The Economy

While it may not sound glorious, economists deal with serious topics that affect people in both their person and social life. Economists apply statistical and mathematical principles to analyze data and prepare critical reports for decision makers. Economists use complex software programs to help them provide sensible advice and policy proposals to businesses and governments.

Information Technology

Technology is now a part of everyday life at work and at home. In fact, most people and businesses cannot function without the internet or mobile phones. As a result, there is a constant flow of innovative solutions that can improve every aspect and function of our lives. Consider making a difference in the business world by getting an MBA in Information Technology. There are many jobs available to those who have an understanding of information technology.

Aspiring science and technology students can have a positive impact on health, national security, the environment, public safety, the economy and information technology.

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