Best Games for the New Symbian S^3 OS


The old and veritable Symbian OS that was created by Nokia has finally got a much needed upgrade in the form of the new and improved Symbian S^3, which is also open source (for anyone who cares). The new operating system for mobile phones has already been released to the public in the form of the main OS on Nokia N8, C7 and C6, with more phones coming next year (including the excellent E7 communicator). Being that Nokia is still the top manufacturer of phones, there is little doubt that the new OS will succeed if the company chooses to proceed with it on all their subsequent smartphones (which they said they will).

The app marketplace (Ovi Store) doesn’t have a lot of apps for Symbian S^3, yet, but a lot of developers and companies said that they will release versions of their apps for the new OS, especially when it’s very easy to do so, unlike the old S60. For now, you have a few great apps to play with, but if you really want to experience the capabilities of the new Nokia phones (all of which include a separate 3D accelerator), you need to play some good games. Here are some of the best games for the new Symbian S^3 that have already been released and are awaiting your download.

Angry Birds. The most popular game for iPhone, iPad and Android is already available for the new Symbian S^3! This is one of the most addicting and interesting games of all time. It features an interesting storyline with great graphics and in-game physics. You play as the angry birds who got their eggs stolen by some pigs (literally), and are out for revenge and to get the eggs back!

The Sims 3 HD. The Sims is now available for your Symbian S^3 phone, too! The game features a lot of interesting stuff, and you can create your own neighborhoods, houses and people for your virtual world. The graphics are simply great, and you can easily spend hours at end trying to make your virtual citizens’ life better (or worse :-).

Asphalt 5 HD. Asphalt 5 HD is already the best looking game for iPhone, and with Nokia’s amazing 3D hardware capabilities, you now have the chance to experience an even better racing simulation right on your phone. The graphics, controls, tracks and cars in this game are all top notch, and you should really download it as soon as possible.

GT Racing: Motor Academy HD. Yet another great racing game for Symbian S^3, GT Racing puts you behind the wheel of over 100 cars from the most famous manufacturers. Coupled with great graphics and controls, you’ll immerse into the racing world for hours at end!

Armgeddon Squadron. Armageddon Squadron was, for a long time, the best game for Android, and it’s now become available for Symbian S^3, as well. The game puts you in the pilot chair of some of the most popular World War 2 planes, and you are sent on missions to destroy bases, cruisers, hunt for enemy submarines and even dogfight other planes over the Pacific!

The list of games will undoubtedly increase in the near future, with dozens of apps already being announced and in beta testing. Symbian is a great OS, and it seems that it can follow in Android’s footsteps and become a good competitor on the mobile OS market.

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