Apacer Giant II Dual Channel Memory Kit


Apacer Giant II Dual Channel Memory KitRAM is RAM, right? Wrong! People who really want to up the performance of their PC setup know that every element making up the computer is important, and RAM is a vital part of the balance that goes towards making up a great system.

Still, surely just putting enough RAM in is good enough? To a degree that’s true, but if you’re after peak performance, you need more than just a lot of RAM. You need good RAM.

When RAM is effectively paired, it works more quickly to ensure that your PC speeds along at a good pace. But effective pairing means a process of careful selection…

That’s exactly what Apacer do when they put together their Giant II Dual Channel Memory kits. They are carefully selected from the word go, through the entire production process, to ensure high quality performance.

Heat is taken care of by large copper heat sinks that enclose the modules. In terms of performance, this keeps each RAM module cooler, and performing better… and making overclocking of the RAM more effective.

If you’re after top notch RAM, the Apacer Giant II Memory kit is a fantastic option.

At A Glance

A good option for those looking for RAM that performs above par.

Manufacturer: Apacer

Distributor: Pinnacle Africa

Tech Specs:

• DDR3-2200

• 2x 2GB

• Heat sink

• Dual Channel



• Paired

• Heat efficient

• Effective under strain


• Must be fitted correctly

• A little expensive

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