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Building a website doesn’t have to overly difficult. With all the templates out there and programs to help novices, do-it-yourselfers, and those just wanting to save time and money, there are a lot of options. One option for those in this category is Wix.

Wix offers a free online development platform for those who want to create attractive pages without any knowledge of HTML coding. The system also targets Facebook users who would like to customize their social networking pages with various themes. Online marketers might find that Wix offers a bit more utility than services like Jimdo and Yola.

Wix can be used to produce dozens of pages at a time, which might be useful for those to churn out numerous sites that feature similar content. Likewise, maintaining Wix pages isn’t too difficult if users have ready access to a broadband Internet connection on a computer with a decent processor.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Drag and drop functionality has made Wix rather popular for certain niche segments. People developing sites for themselves or thrifty small business owners love this method of creating pages. Online marketers who deal with the gamer subculture have probably come across countless Wix pages promoting fan characters.

Niche markets are already using Wix for their own purposes so online marketers might want to take a page out of their book. People who market to this demographic could try out their best artistic skills and incorporate it into their Wix websites.

Heavy on the Flash Content

One of Wix’s biggest advantages is also one of its biggest weaknesses. The site encourages designers to create sites that feature plenty of Flash or HTML5 content. This is great for those who want to create something that really catches the eye. However, it may be too bloated for those developing for users with slow connections and Flash will not render on Apple devices.

In the free version, users get a very long domain name with as top-level domain. With the paid version of Wix, users can have the domain of their choosing and many added features such as extra storage, no Wix ads, unlimited bandwidth, and premium support.

Ready for Mobile

Since the service is so easy to use and largely free to use, Wix has carved out a sizable spot in the marketplace. Users don’t need to know much about Web design to use it. This means that amateurs created many of the pages hosted through the service.

Nevertheless, Wix does offer tools for crafting mobile sites that are rather subdued compared to regular Wix pages. These are becoming more popular with some desktop users, and users with low-end computers are quickly finding that they like accessing mobile pages from their desktop browsers. The mobile site build option also is a work around for the aforementioned Apple and Flash issues.

In conclusion, Wix may be a good fit for artistic type or for those on a budget wanting to make a splash with their Web design. But in terms of search engine friendliness, more advanced blogging capabilities, and the sake of Apple users, Website developers would be well-advised to consider alternatives.

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