How New Technology Can Serve Education


The last 20 years has seen the development of some great technology, and it has made its way into the education industry over the past decade.

The last 20 years has seen the development of some mind-blowing technology, and we have watched it make its way into the education industry over the past decade. As students and teachers have started to come to terms with new tools and what to make of them, it has become increasingly clear, that there are huge benefits from these high tech changes. The following are some examples of new technology, and how it is coming to service educational programs:

How New Technology Can Serve Education


Unless you are studying languages, and maybe even then, if you are a student, chances are you use computers as part of your class work and or homework. Computers have made organising schoolwork easy, while at the same time helping to familiarise young students with the computerised world we live in. Regardless of the program, from primary school to hotel school, computers help teach a different kind of navigation system, as well as helping to develop research skills that have become necessary in today’s world. Computers also help teach typing skills, a skill that is pretty much mandatory in the modern corporate sector.

The Internet 

While it has been around for more than a few years now, the impact of the Internet on education around the world has only really been fully felt over the last ten years, with the Internet now a regular part of teaching and learning in all first world countries. Whether it is Primary school, High school, or University, the Internet has opened up the classrooms of the world, to the world, essentially giving teachers and students access to any and all tools and information in their quest to teach and learn. The Internet has also made it so that post secondary education is available to far more people, through the ability to take courses online. The introduction of the Internet into education has completely changed the rules and the game.

Interactive White Boards 

These amazing new teaching resources have almost single-handedly revolutionised the classroom, as well as the way that people teach and learn. Programs across Australia and the world and making use of interactive white boards, and their fantastic ability to draw the student in via interactive learning techniques. Obviously the Internet also plays a big role, though the teaching method itself, of having the teacher facilitate the student in learning for himself or herself, is revolutionary and students around the world are benefiting from it in a big way.

Assistive Technologies 

Students with disabilities are benefiting tremendously from the development and introduction of some fantastic assistive technologies. Educational resources such as text to speech software, magnified screens and touch screen monitors, have been an enormous boost for people with disabilities and meant previously insurmountable barriers are now easily overcome. While assistive technologies aren’t utilised by everyone, the entire population benefits by having all of its members more able to pursue their full potential.

With so much new technology coming out these days, the big challenge is for teachers to be adventurous and creative enough to make use of it all. The possibilities really are endless.

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