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Microsoft SharePoint is a document management and content sharing platform that is built around functional groups. Groups may create SharePoint sites dedicated to a document, event or group. Document workspaces provide users with a common space to review a document or collection of documents. Meeting workspaces allow users to stay informed about a particular scheduled event, and other group sites may be used to provide users with access to lists and libraries. In addition, SharePoint is highly customizable and may be configured to allow users to create their own personal sites. The SharePoint calendar is an easy to use collaboration tool for groups of SharePoint users. The meeting workspace feature is a great way to keep the group informed.

The Microsoft SharePoint Calendar
The Microsoft SharePoint platform includes several collaborative features, such as the meeting workspace and the SharePoint calendar. The calendar allows groups, organizations or committees to maintain a calendar that is specific to their group. From each event listed on the calendar, a meeting workspace may be created. A meeting workspace provides a SharePoint site that allows invited users to verify the meeting date and time, as well as download or view any pertinent materials, such as agenda or documents relating to the event.

Scheduling Events with the SharePoint Calendar
The calendar is easy to use and those with privileges to do so may add and edit events on the web-based scheduler. Normally, however, these rights are reserved for site administrators and higher level users. From within the calendar, the user simply clicks on a day to open the scheduling interface. The user is able to title the meeting, provide a description, a start time and an ending time, and select an option to indicate that the meeting is recurring.

In addition, the user is able to upload any documents that pertain to the event. When scheduling the event, the option appears at the bottom of the form asking the user if they would like to create a SharePoint meeting workspace for this meeting. If the user elects to create a workspace, they may enter a title for the workspace in the provided input box. Once the user submits the form, the meeting is scheduled on the calender, and if they elected to create a meeting workspace, the workspace is automatically created and linked to the event.

Configuring the Calendar
The calendar may be configured to appear in list or calendar format. In other words, the calendar may appear as just a simple list of days, with events appearing as list items. Alternatively, the calendar may be configured to appear as a calendar, with weekly and monthly views. When events are scheduled on the calendar, events appear as links on the day that the event is scheduled. The user simply clicks the link to see the details of the scheduled event. If a meeting workspace has been created for the event, a link to the workspace is provided within the event details page. The user just clicks on the link to enter the meeting workspace.

Easy to use and very user friendly, the calendar is a great way to keep a group informed about group events. The added benefit of the meeting workspace makes sure the event attendees are prepared for the meeting.

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