What Are The Most Underrated Industrial Machines?


Trying to determine the most underrated industrial machines depends on a lot of different factors, including the overall needs of the company.  One type of industrial machine that doesn’t get a lot of mention but benefits most businesses is a shredder.

Shredders are used to dispose of many different types of waste, and help your business in many different ways.

Shredders are important machines in the area of waste management for many companies.  Whether the business is using a tire shredder, paper shredder, plastic, wood or product destruction shredder, the implications are usually pretty large.  Some of the applications of industrial shredding machines include:

  • Product Recycling – this may include machines like the tire shredder, or machines that shred aluminum cans, fiberglass, plastic or carpet.
  •  Medical Waste Disposal – the last place anyone wants the waste created by pharmaceutical manufacturing to end up is out in the environment.  The appropriate shredding machine will see that you comply with all regulations and get it done right.
  • Wood Waste – shredders that feature low speed single shaft or four-shaft operation are effective at getting rid of wood waste.
  • Mattresses & Bulky Waste – things like mattresses, box springs, chairs, couches and similar items can be considerably reduced in size with the right shredder.

Even those products that will still find their way into landfills will provide a more stable base.  The compacted materials mean there are fewer spaces and voids, so it takes up less space and makes better use of the space it does fill.

For companies that regularly dispose of e-waste or confidential paper documents, shredders are often a matter of security.  Paper shredding is a legal matter in many places, but just about every company has proprietary information or confidential business information they wouldn’t want getting out into the world.

Whether it’s a paper shredder, tire shredder or a different kind of industrial shredder, increased safety is often one of the by-products of its use.  Not only is the plant, factory or warehouse floor safer once the bulkier items are organized and made smaller, but the environment is also usually a safer place.

As for the machines themselves, it’s wise to stick with a reputable dealer that has experience and a track record getting the kind of results you need.  A superior machine will give you superior safety and superior results.

This post has been provided by Paul Wilson; a professional waste disposal specialist. He understands the role industrial shredders can provide when attempting to recycle a product or reduce the amount of space used in landfills. For more information visit

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