Windows Phone 7: Can the Apps make it a Winner?



So, the news is true. Microsoft is again paying attention to its mobile windows business. And the android must sweat out, because the windows phone 7 is here. It’s a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft which has already been launched mainly in Europe.

The feel good factor…judge it yourself

Windows Phone 7

The interface hasn’t changed much from its predecessors. It’s the same old story of large blocks of 2D color and text. It utilizes a lot of layers and makes the scrolling a bit uncomfortable. However, the touch responsiveness and speed is quite good. The browser supports IE 8 mobile and is pretty good while the multimedia story resembles Zune Hd.

A Smartphone without applications? NAHHH…

Check out the video:


Windows Phone 7 Apps
The applications aren’t flooded with titles but yes, a good no. of third party applications are available and some of them are quite brilliant. When you open the marketplace, you also have music and games as categories. The search is a feature where they need to work upon.

  • Xbox live: It’s a wonderful application which like third party software’s doesn’t have any issues. The gaming experience is of high quality and a hell lot of games are there for download.
  • Maps: Unlike Google maps in android, the Microsoft Bing maps combines great techniques with some brilliant use of metro design language helping you access latest satellite imagery and real time traffic information.
  • Measure a surface wherever you are.
  • Forget pen and paper lists.  Just take all important lists from your computer and synchronize them with your mobile.
  • On the spot translator.
  • Easily convert any measurement
  • Stay updated with the latest share market happenings.
  • Know the latest weather forecast.

Measure Surface



Now, these were some apps which have already hit the market. The main point now is to discuss what exactly is happening in the world in windows phone 7 apps. Unfortunately, Microsoft is having some issues with third party software’s. Loading, stability and navigation in the interface are really hurting the company’s image. Firstly, the most important thing you all need to know is that multitasking though present is pathetic. The apps run behind on the screen and can’t even hold themselves while a screen lock is present. Twitter was unbearable as reports suggest it couldn’t even load properly. As we all know, Silver light is behind all this drama. Windows phone 7 apps are largely developed in silver light and that could possibly be the reason for the diff. working of 3rd party apps and natively implemented apps. There were repeated crashes with newsreaders and also with a lot of other apps. Some free tools are there at:          developer.windowsphone.com

THE BEST PART: The buyers can actually try the apps before purchasing them (developers).

P.S: Windows mobile 6.x applications won’t work.

Here’s a look at some of the major partners (apps):

Ø  Foursquare labs Inc.

Ø  Sling media

Ø  Namco networks

Ø  IMDb.com

And, there are many other strong parties. It looks a power packed community.  Some glimpses:

FINAL VERDICT: The apps strategy seems impressive but it can hurt badly if upper floors aren’t finished. Microsoft knows it needs to match the platform right. Let’s just wait and hope that good rivalry results in advanced features in first generation.

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  1. Interesting to find out whether Windows Phone 7 really can catch up the Android. It is well-known that Android Apps grows rapidly this year.

  2. I don’t really think that windows 7 can catch up with apps of android or IOS.But I still believe that microsoft has done a decent job atlast with the windows 7.

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