Why Domain Appraisals Are Key To Getting Your Domain Sold


The importance of knowing what your domain is really worth.

The first step in selling, and in some cases buying, a domain is understanding what it’s worth. As the seller, you want to make the most profit, but you must also consider your buyer, who wants to get the best deal. Often times, seller and buyer both have two totally different numbers in mind, but there is a way for both parties to be on the same page when it comes to selling and buying a domain.

Getting a domain appraisal from a reliable source offers valuable insight into the worth of your domain name. It allows you to choose a reasonable price, while assuring buyers it’s appropriate by linking your appraisal right to your listing, thereby increasing your potential for sale. One of the advantages of professional domain appraisal is that it’s not just a matter of punching your domain into the computer and letting an algorithm decide its worth. The experienced appraiser works with  a proprietary DNI Scoring and Appraisal System to bring you a dependable and accurate appraisal.

It’s easy and inexpensive to obtain a professional and reliable appraisal. The information is invaluable and you’ll get feedback within 2 days.

Getting Your Domain Sold

The appraisal is a great starting point when it comes to pricing your domain. While you should not blindly price your domain, you can’t afford to leave that price column blank either! A priced domain is 10 times more likely to sell, so it’s worth taking the extra time to price your domain. This is because buyers are less likely to spend the time requesting a price. They are looking for a quick transaction, and by pricing the domain you’re taking one step out of the process. As the seller, you will be contacted by serious buyers who find the price to be reasonable, rather than buyers who are merely inquiring to a request a price that isn’t there and may be outside of their range.

Beyond getting a domain appraisal, it’s also important to consider how you will go about selling your domain. You may decide to sell it on your own, but domain sale websites give you the added advantage of access to a worldwide marketplace, where millions of buyers will see your domain. When you have over  35 million buyers across the world looking at your domain, the selling process is sure to be simplified.

Parking your domain is another great way to get your domain noticed. Parking increases visibility to potential buyers, and offers you an opportunity to earn revenue as you wait for your domain to sell. Plus, it can never hurt to have your domain visible in more than one place, since this will attract the visits of any type-in traffic to your domain. is a premier marketplace for selling domains to over 35 million buyers worldwide, offering professional domain appraisal services in just 2 days.

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