AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic: The Antivirus Software


AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic

The AntiVir PersonalEdition is Antivirus software that offers maximum and complete protection for Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98.  This antivirus software has the svelte scanner installed with only 34 MB and 3 running processes to the windows XP Pentium 4 test system. This feature makes it very suitable for those with older computers and those without enough money to invest on system resources.

Just like any other antivirus software, the AntiVir PersonalEdition has got its advantages and disadvantages. One such advantage is that this antivirus software can be used with much older computers as it has a smaller footprint, it also has very comprehensive reporting options and the scans can be run very well in Safe Mode. However, they are always two sides of the coin. The AntiVir PersonalEdition has got very slow connection when updating the server.

The  AntiVir PersonalEdition can simply be described as an Antivirus scanner.  This antivirus software is absolutely free. It has got very limited support options, though even the paid for antivirus scanners have this same disadvantage. The AntiVir PersonalEdition has got other features such as the automatic updates, scheduled scanning and many scan tasks.

The Antiviral Personal Edition doesn’t have a very modern interface though its very user friendly. This antivirus software has got its scan tasks configured. With this scan tasks one can scan the local hard drives and also remove drives as well. Other features available on this antivirus software are; Window, My Documents, Manual scanning options that scans the items indicated under my computer. One can easily right click and scan individual files and folders on the desktop or in Explorer. When one wants to perform quick scanning they can drag the file and drop it into the Antiviral console.

Please note that the free Antiviral Personal Edition Classic never gives out adware/spyware removal. You will find this feature more commonly in the paid up versions of the product. The customer support options are limited to forums and information centers strictly. Therefore if you have any queries it would be wise to use these forums as you may even find other users with similar experiences.

When running the AntiVir PersonalEdition it can only work in Safe Mode. This is very good for eliminating stubborn infections and doing a total system clean up that may reject booting into windows.

Note that, this antivirus software has a detailed and thorough reporting option which is perfect and recommended for senior and advanced users who want to check up the scanning analysis. This may overwhelm more conservative users. However, the results appearing on the interface would be most reliable to go by other than depending on other system generated reports.

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