The Cloud & The Cyclone [INFOGRAPHIC]


Rather than defaulting to the cliched cotton candy cumulus picture that’s characterized so much of the discourse about cloud computing, the industry should use a cyclone – that might be a more effective way to symbolize the speed at which the cloud computing industry is growing in 2014.

Cloud computing, at this point, is a $13 billion dollar industry. If you’re not already educated about it, you haven’t been paying attention.  But most people have pretty vague ideas about how the cloud operates.  “Well,” says the consumer, “I know that when I save a Text Edit doc on iCloud it gets stored….on the cloud.  But I’m not really sure what that means.”

For hardcore statistical insights on the cloud, how it’s affecting businesses, and what it’s infrastructure is actually composed of, check out the infographic below:

The Cloud & The Cyclone [INFOGRAPHIC]
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