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Method of Scheduling posts on your Facebook Page


Sometime we want to share many links with our friend but due to some restriction we can’t post all of them at that time and want to post them in future. But we may forget them to post in future. So at that time we can schedule our post on Facebook pages governed by you. This scheduling makes you tension free. Now just schedule your post and be happy.

There might be many reasons when you will find scheduling post on Facebook page, a good idea such as you want to send an update to a specific friend at a specific time but you are afraid that you may be offline or forget to post that or to give birthday wish to your loved one.  So the scheduling post is the best solution of this problem. Just schedule post and sleep well without any anxiety. There are some tools or methods provided for you so that you can schedule post on you Facebook page.

  • PostCron: It is a new Facebook application for scheduling post on Facebook. Using it you can update your wall at a specific scheduled time.  Just to use it you have to authorize the PostCrom to post updates on your wall. Once you have authorized it you can schedule you post whenever you want. To schedule post you just have to create the post and give the time when you want to update your wall. Using this Facebook application you can also edit or delete your scheduled updates before they posted. And you can update you Facebook page multiple time and post multiple updates in a single time. But there are some limitation of this application like you can’t schedule post for posting on multiple Facebook pages at a time. But there is another Facebook app to schedule post for posting on multiple Facebook pages at a time.
  • Selective Tweet Status:  using this Facebook app you can post your post your Twitter updates on your Facebook wall. This Facebook app automatically posts the updates of you Twitter id in to all the wall(s) of Facebook page(s) governed by you. As the name suggests, this app will only post selective tweets on the wall of those Facebook pages that are tagged with hashtag #fb. So you can select the Facebook pages where you want your Twitter’s updates. To enable this app you have to grant authorization to each page separately. Once you have granted the permission to this app your Twitter updates will automatically posted on your selected Facebook pages.
  • LetterMeLater: this app is a great remainder service that provides you to schedule your emails and using these scheduled emails you can schedule your posts on your Facebook pages. Just you have to schedule your email with the desired post and your mail will automatically send to the Facebook pages for posting updates on them. To update your Facebook pages using email you just have to CC your email to the email addresses of your Facebook pages. To update your Facebook status, just compose an email subject line with email blank email body. And to update an image on you Facebook status, email the image to the address and include a title in the subject line of your email.

Summary: There are many tools in the market that help you in scheduling post on your Facebook pages. Some tools are freeware and some of them take a few amount of money for it.

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