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Talking of one of the most serious phenomenon that began on the iOS application platform, the Angry Birds for PC phenomenon brought out a whole new company to limelight, giving it a whole lot of revenue and making it penetrate to other platforms at a pace so rapid that it is hard to imagine. Today, Rovio’s creation ‘Angry Birds’ is out on almost all possible portable platforms, from iOS to Android. The application does feature so of the most cute-but-angry birds that tries to wipe out a population of pigs.

Angry Birds - Now on your desktop

The Angry Birds for PC
The phenomenon is so much into the scene today that right from fashion labels like UCB to electronic markets, like GEAR4, have tied up launching licenced products of the game application. Now the game has finally arrived for the PC users and is available for all the 3 releases that are released on the portable platforms; Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons. With over 8 million likes on Facebook, the Angry Birds are on another edge to gain over a new audience now. Taking on the PC market for casual gamers, the Angry Birds for PC is known to be one of the best ever stress-busters ever built.

Angry Birds Culture
The popularity of the game in itself is an indication towards the reason behind its penetration into different platforms and the release to PC platform is a big leap for Rovio. The hardware requirements for the game are minimal and the real spark is not in the high-res graphics but in the tricky gameplay and the kind of entertainment it promises. Angry Birds for PC version has brought in a whole new of audience under its influence, and the company predicts that the release would help it increase its revenue by another fold.

Angry Birds for PC although is late to enter into the scene, but is no doubt news to watch out for. The excitement and the thrill of the fans are seen on the fan counts increasing every blink of second and the kind of reviews that are coming up. Thus in simpler terms, it is worth getting Angry Birds for PC a try if one is not aware of the phenomenon; the Angry Birds phenomenon..!

The game for PC is released as a demo highlighting a few levels of the game and the entire games is out for purchase at $4.95 and up.

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