Be What You Want To Be – Five Things You Didn't Know You Could Do Using The Internet


The internet is often seen as a boring and dry piece of communications technology, but actually I think it’s pretty magical. Really the internet is a tool that not only brings everyone together, but also enables us to achieve things we never could. It’s a platform for free speech and it’s a huge boon for democracy.

If you don’t believe me then clearly you haven’t yet used the internet to its fullest or taken advantage of some of the multiple tools and services it provides to help you create a living or make things that simply weren’t possible before. Thanks to the internet you really can be whatever you want to be, and here I’m going to show you how.

Publish Books:

If you have ever dreamed of seeing your name in print and being a best selling author then the internet can show you the way. Using ‘Print On Demand’ services like Lulu all you need to do is to provide a Word or PDF file, and you can then have it printed out as a book for your own amusement or each time someone orders it through another service like Amazon. I’ve sold over a thousand books – so can you.

Sell Games:

When I was younger I used to make compute games on my ZX Spectrum and write adverts for them in the comics that I also sold. You might say I was a geek, but I prefer ‘entrepreneurial’. Anyway this is another dream I have since been able to fulfil thanks to the internet and I decided about a year ago to dedicate my time to learning how to program in a modern language. It was easier than you might think and so far 916 people have downloaded my second Android game. Thanks to the internet you now have not only the means to learn programming, but also the distribution channels to get your software out there. I know someone else who just bought an Audi because they sold enough copies of a game on Steam – it can be done.

Create Inventions:

I have an idea for climbing hooks that attach to your arms, and again this is something I used to casually doodle when I was a student at Surrey University. Today though I’ve created the 3D model in Rhinocerous 3D and I’m looking at using either 3D printing services or injection moulding to get it made.

Work From Home:

I also work from home and this is something that anyone can now easily do – liberating themselves from stressful commutes and boring 9-5 work schedules. Pick something you’re good at – be it writing, design, photography – and then advertise your skills on a webmaster forum or even a more general platform like Gum Tree or Fiverr. Do a good enough job and find the right client and you can quit your day job.

Become a Celebrity:

Many people these days are making the move from the web to real-world stardom and there are various different avenues for this. Get a big enough following on YouTube and it’s only a matter of time until someone notices you and asks you to present something on TV, or if you’re a musician this is a great way to get a following and to get noticed by a record label and you can release your tracks on iTunes or Spotify even without any backing…

Sara Brown is a tech blogger and loves sharing tips about Internet business. She has worked for Berkeley Sourcing Group, an injection mold manufacturer in California for 4 years and recommends approaching them for all of your injection mold needs.

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