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With all the excitement surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S3, you couldn’t help but get one of your own. It features a 4.8 inch, 1280 x 720 pixel HD display, lightweight design, 2GB of RAM, and Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 processor. You can do everything on it like take photos and easily share them with friends using Buddy Photo Share to using S Voice to launch an app. You probably wonder how this phone could get any better. Well, nothing is ever complete without accessories.

The obvious choices to accessorize your new phone are a screen protector and case. You just spent a good chunk of change on the phone and the last thing you want to do is break it or crack the screen. But, here are a few recommendations to help integrate your phone into your everyday life:

Samsung created innovative TecTiles for the Samsung Galaxy S3. They are programmable near-field communication (NFC) that allow you to automate actions via the related app. TecTiles can be used to share a contact or prevent calls or texts while you sleep. However, the TecTiles do not work on metal surfaces.

If you want more precision with the touch screen, a stylus may be helpful. The Samsung Galaxy S3 C Pen is styled similar to a premium writing instrument. It looks like an actual pen with a soft-yet firm 3.55mm tip. It is made exclusively for the S3 so it does not work well on other touch screen devices. The C Pen makes it easy to sketch or take notes on your phone. At the same time, it prevents smudges from being left behind from your fingertips.

An armband is perfect for bringing your phone with you on a walk or run. Most armbands are stretchable and water-resistant, making them ideal for listening to your favorite tunes while you work out.

Bluetooth headset
For those who find themselves on the road for a good amount of the day, a Bluetooth headset is a handy accessory to have. The Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset is equipped with military-grade NoiseAssassain 3.0 which eliminates background noise better than any headset on the market. It comes with a 10mm wide speaker making sounds HD-quality. With the magical motion controls you can double-shake the headset to put it into pairing mode or double-tap it to answer phone calls.

Memory Card
If you want more space for apps, music, or pictures but don’t want to delete any data, a memory card gives you extra space to hold everything on your phone.

USB data cable
You never know what can happen so it’s a good idea to back your phone up every once in a while. A USB data cable makes it easy to connect your phone to a computer to transfer data.

Accessories are a great way to make your phone even better. If you want to jazz up your new Samsung Galaxy S3 or you just need ways for it to fit your lifestyle a little better, accessories will do just that.

Jordan Kissel is a Content Writer for Wireless Emporium, the most trusted source for cell phone accessories online.

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