4 Ways IT Professionals Can Ensure Their Systems Are Up To Date


Technology is at the heart of business. It is what allows small and medium-size businesses to compete with some of the largest corporations in the world. Technology moves very fast. The hardware, the software, and the networking protocols that were the standard yesterday can easily become obsolete tomorrow. It can be a challenge for an IT team to keep their systems up-to-date. However, if they provide the proper training, it can be done.

4 Ways IT Professionals Can Ensure Their Systems Are Up To Date

Create a Systems Management Program

IT for business can seem overwhelming. Trying to keep one computer running is not that challenging. However, when there are multiple computers, the IT staff could feel like they are in a no-win battle. It is essential that they create a program where all the IT hardware and software is managed in a systematic way. This would include creating a schedule to update or patch software. When critical updates are released, they should be installed immediately, since failure to do this will leave a business’s IT system at risk.

Train the Staff

Some of the work of keeping a company’s IT system up-to-date can be delegated to non-IT employees. Employees can be instructed by the IT department on how to install updates and be shown how to check whether or not an update should be installed. For instance, managed services Ottawa helps streamline IT processes. Software can be set on a mode where it automatically prompts employees to install updates. The IT department can work with employees to make sure they follow through on these updates. Of course, simply relying on non-IT employees to update their computer software can be dangerous because if they just hit the install update, they could expose the company’s computer system to unnecessary risk. So in addition to training the employees, the IT department will need to follow up.

Separate Server Support from Desktop Support

There are two sides to a medium to large business IT department. There is the desktop team who will work with the individual employees to keep their computers functioning, up-to-date, and virus free. Then, there is the network team that manages the company servers. This team is responsible for keeping the OS on the server up-to-date, as well as possessing intimate knowledge of all of the applications that operate in that environment.

Start with Good Hardware

An in-house IT department will have a lot less work to do if the business starts by purchasing high-quality, reliable, reputable equipment and software. Companies should use hardware that is widely used in the industry since this will make it easy to repair and replace parts when needed. Additionally, equipment should be physically protected via surge protectors in order to limit the need for repairs.

Technology is here to stay. It is the future of business. Businesses that prepare now by developing a strong in-house IT team will be in a better position to take advantage of what the future of technology will bring.

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