All About Phosphor’s E-Ink World Time Watch


All About Phosphor’s E-Ink World Time Watch

Small Review:

One of those watched that you love to look at but functionality might now match up to its aesthetics.

The Add-Ons:

  • A display that uses e-ink and can do two time zones
  • A strap made of either steel or rubber
  • Multiple styles you can choose for the face
  • Retailed at about $170 USD

The Upside:

  • A real unique and neat looking watch
  • Feels good on the wrist
  • Two time zones is a benefit

The Downside:

  • You can’t read it in dark places
  • You’ll need another watch for certain places

The Main Squeeze:

When you think of a watch, you think of a watch as basically explains a person’s character. If you have a geek who loves practicality, then you’ll just have to look at his watch to know. Gimmick watches are a whole new party for me. It’s hard to find an adequate category that fits this type of watch, but I think I may have found it. It’s going to be those people looking for a mix between a classical watch with old world charm and some who wants the nerdy straight technical properties that some watches offer.

This style of watch is unique in two ways. First, it shows two different time zones for those who travel, and two, it uses e-ink. For practicality, the e-ink screen is incredibly legible and the straps feel very good and natural on your wrist. You can also customize the watches face to work with you and your needs with time zones and modes that you would prefer more than the default mode. There are buttons on either side of the device and you use the one on the right as a primary button and the one on the left as a secondary button. Different combinations of setting and pushing the buttons will allow switching modes, times and countries. It all depends on what you need to do.

Whenever you buy a product with e-ink, you’re going to have vision problems with it in the dark. Sure, it’s really nice in the light, but is it worth not being able to see a thing on the watches face in the evening times?

Once you have everything customized just the way you need it, then you can go ahead and leave it alone until you buy a new watch or just need to update it in general. This is something you would wear when you are just going out to public to non-serious meetings or places that require a dress code. It’s not something that’s been decided by me, it’s just a little piece of personal advice. I don’t think it’s used for anything but casual dress. The curvature of the watch (which only some styles have been able to incorporate) makes it even nicer to wear. Since the rubber wrist band may not be super quality material, you might want to think to just initially buying with steel, which may also save you some money in the future.

This is a neat watch, that has a nice price and isn’t too over-the-top for an innovative watch. If you want something that will catch an eye, this is something to look into.

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