5 iPhone Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go


5 iPhone Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go

The modern business climate is much different than it was just a few short years ago. Professionals must be able to quickly adapt and respond to keep up with the fire hose that is today’s information super highway. Situations may arise without warning that need to be dealt with immediately and you may not be near a computer to manage the situation.

Business people are not without tools, however. Mobile app on smart phones such as the Apple iPhone allow business people to stay connected to valuable information while on the go. Below are some of the best iOS applications for managing your business life while on the go:

Hoot Suite

Nowhere is information flowing faster than on social media. One bad comment by a disgruntled consumer on twitter or Facebook could ruin your company’s reputation to other potential consumers. The Hoot Suite app allows you to easily manage all of your social media profiles from your iPhone so that you can deal with the situation if it were to arise.

In addition to Facebook and twitter you can also connect your LinkedIn, Foursquare and RSS feed as well as other social media profiles. The app also gives you the opportunity to respond quickly to your customers to show them that you are truly listening to them which is key in the world of social media marketing. The app, in our opinion, is a must for any business focused on social media.


For those of you who are not familiar with Basecamp, it is a web based application for managing projects. It is a great tool for collaborating on projects with multiple people because you can track progress, set goals and communicate directly through the program.

The mobile app is essential for managing these projects on the go. There may be a decision that needs to be made immediately and if you are not by a computer it could hurt the project and put the timeline in jeopardy. With the app this would not  happen because you can always have access to your basecamp account. The app is also a great tool tracking time spent on projects while not in your office.


Dropbox is a neat cloud based tool for managing important documents. They also have a web based version but the mobile app is great for accessing your account on your smart phone. You can create settings to allow certain people to view specified documents and email documents directly from the app.


Square is an absolute essential if you plan on making sales when you do not have access to a POS machine. Simply signup for the service on their website and they will send you a card reader dongle which you plug into the audio output on the top of your iPhone.

You can accept credit card payments directly from your phone anywhere in the world. The service is very easy to receive payments and also is simple to withdraw money from your account. Square is a great tool for businesses at trade shows or outside sales people that always need to be able to accept credit card payments.


Everybody knows that the key to any successful business person is organization. Evernote is by far the best note taking and organization app for iOS. You can add notes with pictures, videos or text organized by date to make sure you are always on the top of your game.

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