Your New Year's Tech Resolutions


2012 just whizzed by, and all of a sudden it’s a New Year – and the New Year means only one thing: New Year’s Resolutions.

While everyone focuses on self-improvement and career, there are some other resolutions that should be made – namely, tech resolutions. If you want to use technology in a smarter, more efficient way in 2013, here are some tech resolutions that you should implement and keep for a better year.

Take some time out: Everyoneuses a computer these days, and often we use them for extended periods of time. Sitting in an office desk all day, every day is never a good thing. Try for at least a few hours a week to get out. Step away from the computer and get out into the fresh air. Take the dog for a walk or go walking with friends. Have a little exercise which will shake off the cobwebs and rejuvenate you enough to go back to your work with a clear head and more positive attitude.

Store your files on the cloud: Tidy up your desktop as a tidy desktop really can equate with a tidy mind. Also, when you have your files stored virtually you can clean up your computer and consequently it will run faster and perform better.  You can store all your information on their server in order to help your computer run more efficiently; plus, can also offer managed hosting, so you can leave your files on there and let them take care of the rest!

Use proper writing etiquette: When sending an email, writing an instant message or participating in an online chat, be aware that writing in all caps will be offensive to others – it will appear as though you are shouting at them. Also, remember not to include abbreviations like “u” or “ttyl” – they aren’t professional and won’t help your e-image in the long run!

Think carefully before you post: Consider carefully how your thoughts, views and actions can affect others. Don’t post anything offensive on forums or websites and don’t use any negative or foul language.

Take a rest from your mobile phone: Don’t keep your ear glued to your mobile phone 24 hours a day. Take time out for yourself. Have a quiet space in your life. Set your mobile to voicemail and check your messages later.

Take time to clear out any old files: Delete or archive any files which you don’t have use for anymore. Defragment your hard drive and delete your temporary internet files. Give your computer a good clean, and start the year off with a clean slate.

Read the rules: Ensure that you are always on the right side of internet etiquette. Make sure you read the rules of all sites which you post on, including websites like Facebook and Instagram. It also helps that you don’t post long or boring posts – remember that even though you are behind a screen, everyone else online has feelings too!

David King is a writer who loves technology. He’s currently perusing Macquarie Telecom’s LinkedIn page in preparation to invest in the stock.

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