Luminance of the Lumia 920


A partial review of the newly born Nokia’s Lumia 920 hosting the new arrival, windows phone 8 Operating System. The uni-body design is continued for 920 as was for its predecessor, the Lumia 900. The camera (8.7 megapixels) utilizes the Pure View technology developed by Nokia and introduced in Nokia 808. Pure View as Nokia claims is a Software Algorithm (not any hardware) that enhances the image and provides features for a better image quality than what may be found on other Phone Cameras.

The phone has been granted a 4.5” size screen and capacitive buttons at the front (back, home, and search). The IPS display has been named Pure Motion HD+ and features improved Clear Black Display technology which utilizes polarization filter to reduce glare and to help better viewing under bright lights (e.g. sunlight). The colors are considered vivid enough for a pleasant viewing experience of videos and other media also considering the resolution of 768×1280 px giving the pixel density of 332 ppi. The large and wide screen may very well compliment the tile interface of the windows phone operating system. Considering touch responsiveness, Nokia claims that the touch screen is sensitive enough to be even useable while the fingers are covered (e.g. wearing gloves in winter). Some video reviews even show the screen responding to nail and keys being dragged on it.

Other features include a 1.4 Ghz dual core processor, LTE Cat 3 support (downlink upto 100 Mbits/s), Wireless charging (ability to charge the phone by simply placing it on a compatible charger and not needing any connections with the phone). Video recording is supported upto 1080p and video streaming available on a display using a DLNA supported application.

Another camera related feature include ‘City Lens’ whose function is to provide data (if available) for different locations that are being viewed through the camera viewfinder. For example, if the camera is placed on a hotel for which information is available, it will show onscreen the name and rating posted by people of that hotel thus eliminating any need to type in the name and location of the place. It simply requires a focus by the camera.

The phone offer memory size of 32 GB with no option for external memory expansion. The battery of the phone is rated 2000 mAh and claimed to provide 10 hours of talk before requiring a recharge (the battery may not be replaceable without opening the whole phone). The dual core Snapdragon processor instead of a Quad core may help in somewhat saving the battery.

The phone may provide an arguable competition with the devices in its class such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple’s new arrival the iPhone 5. However the windows phone OS may need to prove its value as it may still be said as a new competitor which people have not much knowledge of.

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