SpeakEasy Will Tell You Exactly How Fast Your Data Connection Is


SpeakEasy Will Tell You Exactly How Fast Your Data Connection Is

It’s really important to me (and probably to you if your reading this) to know how fast my cable modem is going on my computer. I always want the best for my system and like to know it’s running up to par with the rest of them, if not better. When I want to check out where I’m at on the speed scale I go to and it will allow me to check out the things on my computer that are most important to my computers maintenance. As far as using the site on your iDevices, you can probably just forget about it. The site uses flash for its interface and the iDevices won’t work with Flash so your out of luck if that’s all you have to run the site. SpeakEasy is one of the sites I’ve really grown to love so for me, it was hard to find something compatible with my iOS devices that would give me the same satisfaction that SpeakEasy did. I actually DID find one, and not only did it qualify as one of the best apps I’ve ever used, it was FREE as well. The site is This is a great site because it performs the functions I would expect something like this top do. It also keeps your information for each computer you test out on the site. It’s also extremely nice and easy to read because of how well the UI (user interface) was done. It turns out that both my favorites sites have seen made by the same people. Ookla is the name by which both of these sites is run and it really made me feel good to know that this site was derived from my favorite site that I use all the time.

This is a great site to have in your knowledge because if you feel like something may be wrong with your modem, or you just think you have too much going on in general, you can take a look without having to spend any money. The site will also show you if you were using a cellular or a WiFi connection. It knows everything about the health of your data connection.

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